Losing a mobile home payer

Problems happen as you progress in success as a real estate investor.

For instances… yesterday marked the first day that I start the “foreclosure” process of one of the mobile homes I have a note on.

The guy probably has some rough times, and stopped paying myself and the park. But, Like all my buyers, I’m willing to work with them and help them. But, I can’t help if he refuses to come out and talk

So… I get to re-sell the mobile home again.

But, this hiccup will slow down my other business creating interviews and content for you guy and gals.

But, every problem has opportunity. And I’m waiting to see what comes out of it.

And It had me thinking… that my eBook doesn’t inform much on the foreclosure process as it should.

Now that I’m going actually going through it, I can update it to be much more informative.

And this life lesson, I’ve learned a couple of things…

…the bottom line is:

* Relationships matter the most

(This is the principle that holds the mantel for the most important fundamental in Real Estate success)

For instances, if this was a good mobile home park ran well, they would help me with the eviction…. or they would have told me months ago that he’s behind in rent (he’s now 3 months behind and I was never made aware)

If they would have told me months ago, I could have gotten the home back months ago.

So, keeping relationships strong (even after the fact), is extremely important.

… Relationships with agents, private investors, HML, etc.

It all leads to good experiences and good opportunities later.

It’s all about your network and what YOU’RE giving to them.

Alright keep on making those deals.


“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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