“Just accept it…. this is going to hurt”….

I had a lot of hurt, pain, and agony last week.

Being on-call means I can be working around-the-clock until the next shift relieves me… (Which happened a couple of times.)

It would be all good and gravy if I was like most and I just showed up to work and went home and that’s it and called it a day…

But no, I also have a business to build (and write an email to you every weekday).

And, so, as most “happenings” in life, there’s a story and a lesson out of it to show you, the real estate investor, how pain is really nothing…

Like this true story about Mark Spitz, who in 1972 won 6 Olympic gold medals.

And his coach was a guy named Doc Counsilman, the greatest swim coach in America’s history.

The first day of practice every fall, Counsilman would get all the guys on the swim team to go out on the swim deck.

And there was a little banner that hung over the pool.

And the banner only had three words on it.




Doc said, “Okay guys, we’re going to spend a lot of time together this year, and if you want to be a part of this swim team, every afternoon, you have to come here for a couple hours and swim until you hurt. But if you have higher goals and you want to be an NCAA champ, you want to be a national champ, you have to come here every afternoon and swim until you’re in pain.”

“If you have still higher goals and you want to be the next Mark Spitz, you want to be a world champion or an Olympic champion, you have to come here and train until you’re in agony.”

He said, “So it’s your choice…

… Hurt, pain, agony.”

He said, “All of you, I wouldn’t have recruited you unless I knew each and every one of you had world class potential inside of you.”

Here’s the interesting thing.

Whether you choose hurt or pain or agony, by the time you take a shower and go to dinner, everything is going to go back to normal, so it’s how much are you willing to give in that 2, 2-1/2 hours every day that’s going to determine your destiny.

What’s it going to be?





Yes, my fellow investor… there’s pain in the ventures we’re doing together… but when it comes to finding deals…

… the pain is often caused by just lack of knowledge in sales, writing ads, marketing, and what’s actually working today from people in the trenches…

Which is why I’m creating at the moment, a membership Newsletter… that gives you the know-how to outbeat competitions during and after any pandemic.

but until it launches…

I have this quick video that demonstrates what you might be doing wrong with your Craigslist ads (which can be used to generate leads and sell property:

Click on the link to discover common mistakes to ad writing: https://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=5t8UJ&m=gmobRHdzGf10TA6&b=3kVr4MqPNI_SkEX2sxgmdA
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

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