Multiple ways to close a deal with Atlanta real estate investor Jeff Bowman

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Wholesaling and Deal-Finding Series

Are you struggling to close deals? Are you having difficulty keeping up in a competitive market and staying ahead of the competition? If so, then today’s interview is one that you should definitely tune into.

Because, in today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Jeff Bowman, an Atlanta wholesaler. He’s been in several different niches, including master leasing, fix-n-flip, timber leasing, buy-in-hold, and he’s now currently wholesaling real estate in Atlanta… and killing it as a one-man-show in his own backyard. 

Listen-in to the interview to hear about Jeff’s experiences in the Atlanta market, how he handles contracts and open houses, and what he’s learned about maintaining control over his opportunities along the way. 

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Is the market Flooded? Listen to these under-looked (but easy-to-do) strategies for out-beating your competition
  • The live-auction strategy to get his deals sold FAST and for TOP DOLLAR
  • How long it took Jeff to find his first deal
  • How to Cash flow with Timber… and never pay for the property
  • Shifting with the market – Learn when and why Jeff moves into Wholesaling 
  • The type of contract Jeff uses
  • How being completely truthful with the seller wins more deals
  • Finding people who will consider owner financing
  • Jeff’s proven formula for coming up with a laser-accurate cash offer
  • Going the extra mile to close a property – learn his “trick of the trade” to making sellers completely happy
  • Sellers having trouble accepting your cash offer – offer them this creative deal instead
  • Having trouble getting a seller down in price? – Jeff’s one strategy for bringing the price down that’s almost guaranteed if you point out these items to the seller