Breaking Into Real Estate Syndication While Working a W-2 JOB

Start your side hustle today with real estate professional Jay Helms

Do you feel stuck in a day job? Have you always dreamed of jump-starting a career in real estate but feel like you just don’t have the time? Are you searching for great opportunities to earn passive income? Jay Helms, buy and hold real estate professional and founder of W2 Capitalist, is here to tell you that it’s possible to balance your 9-5 with raising a family and building a side business in real estate.

Helms breaks down his advice for those interested in real estate syndication, the steps he took for early and prolonged success, and the crucial routine shift that changed his professional and personal life. From just starting out to scouting the right partner and finding hours in your already hectic days to grind, Jay breaks it all down.

Holding Jay’s personal blueprint outlining his strategies and secrets to success, you too can break free from your day job and build the life you’ve always wanted in real estate. 

Stay tuned. 

You’ll also hear…

  • Tips for diving into real estate with a W2 Job
  • The benefits of a buy and hold strategy versus flipping and rehabilitating homes
  • Why limited partner investment is a fantastic way to earn passive income
  • How to make real estate investment work for your busy schedule
  • Why becoming a limited partner is a great way to learn the real estate ropes
  • The importance of having a great syndicator
  • How to balance work and raising a family
  • The benefits of waking up early to pursue your passion projects
  • The importance of trading smaller properties up
  • Advice for those just starting out with real estate syndication
  • The importance of finding the right syndication partner
  • How to approach potential partners
  • Why you shouldn’t sell potential partners on “the deal”
  • The importance of asking potential partners for feedback
  • What to look for when selecting an area
  • Why you shouldn’t share your side hustle