it’s only Rock n’ Roll

There’s a lot to be learned from stage performers for your deal-closing efforts.

And in fact, yours truly was a stage performer (and still is every ONCE in a while). But not dancing or anything like that (I couldn’t keep beat with my feet if Satan himself held a pitchfork to my soul).

But, I COULD keep beat with fingers.

And that’s what I performed on… the guitar. In front maybe, at the most, 200 people live (much more when it was being broadcasted when we performed in a city called Turlock)

Every year, it’s the “holiday” of Carnival. And the Portuguese take it pretty seriously. We dress up and put on plays with song and music.

And believe it or not, I got on stage with them with my six string and gave my best.

That’s not the ONLY times I got stage. There were always random event in between where I would accompany a singer or some dancers.

Anyway… the point of all this, is we take ourselves too seriously sometimes.

For instance, when I first got on stage, I was sweating bricks.

Nervous as all hiel, worried about how I would look, worried about what others think. There were times when I did some SERIOUS screw ups (one time in front of the television being broadcasted to our Portuguese friends all across the west coast and to the east coast…

But you know what, when I talk to people today about… No one remembers that.

No one cares.

And this reminds of a Bruce Springsteen story:

A radio personality went to see the great Bruce Springsteen for the 30th time.

He got a backstage pass.

And he said, “Bruce, I’ve seen you 30 times, and every time you’re better than the time before.

How do you do it?”

He said, “Well, here’s what I decide.

Every night is the most important concert of my life.”

He said, “I’m always thinking about two things; number one, this is the most important concert of my life, and number two…

… it’s only rock ‘n’ roll.”

So, just like stage performance… loosen up… because it doesn’t really matter.

It’s just knocking on the door, making a call, talking to someone, and buying a house.

You’re not performing life-saving surgery.

So have some fun with it.

And, to make it REAL fun for you… learn to buy houses in such a way where you can brag to friends about how you bought this investment without using a bank, with out all-cash, without an agent, or without private money.

But HOW you have fun by buying houses creatively with very little money down, can be found right in this seminar:

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“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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