“It’s always the darkest… just before… everything goes pitch black”

Over the weekend I had to watch the movie “Outbreak”. I’m sure many people have.

But there was a quote that reminded me of our ignorance and that all we can do is make our best guess of what are things to come….

One of the characters in “Outbreak” commented on the deadly virus that has 100% death rate, spreads rapidly, and causes a horrible, slow, painful death…

*”It’s one billionth our size and it’s killing us”

Fortunately, we don’t have that level of pandemic in our country… mainly people going frantic over TP, the Dow plummeting, and people losing jobs.

However, there’s a lot of opinions being spouted on Facebook and all these other forums about what’s going to happen.

Some aren’t worried at all, others are.

I like to take a middle ground… and I have much more respect for the opinions that don’t really know what’s going to happen. I’m more of a pessimistic, making sure I’m prepared… because as the late great and esteemed Gary Halbert (History’s greatest marketer, salesman, and copywriter), said:

*”It’s always the darkest… just before… everything goes pitch black”.

I really have no idea what will happen, and someone recently asked me if I think mobile home sales will slow. My answer was:

“I really don’t know… I do feel like they will, and I felt it with my mobile I’m selling. It makes reasonable sense that it will slow in areas where there are massive self quarantines and business shutdowns; if people can’t sell their current house to move to a mobile, and if evictions have taken a stand-still with the state (which makes people less motivated to move from their rental)… then it makes sense everything will slow…. But, what do I know? I’ve never lived trotted a business through a recession.

Which is why, moving forward I’m interviewing some players who have lived through the recession and lived to tell about it.

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