“Is cold calling worth it?”

There was a time when I was running around looking for deals and trying to figure out all the gears for deal-finding…

And I asked a seasoned investor that I looked up too as a mentor, “Do you think cold calling is worth it?”

In which he replied:

“I think any marketing idea is worth a try…”

Well, it wasn’t really the answer I was looking for, but his answer is 100% true.

New investors are looking for the “perfect” method. The “secret sauce” so that they don’t feel like they are going to “fail” or waste time.

But, trying (when you don’t know any better), and trying with all your effort and a giving it a decent amount of time, is never a waste.

Entrepreneurship is a constant journey, always tweaking, always learning.

The marketing method is the least important mechanism.

But, new entrepreneurs stress this… when “old” entrepreneurs don’t.

For example, I remember seeing a Bigger Pockets forum (or maybe it was a Facebook group) ask: “Is cold calling or door knocking better for foreclosure leads?”

It’s sort of silly question and puts emphasis on the wrong thing.

It’s like asking, “what color shirt is best for picking up girls”.

My answer is why not do both, and see?

However, at the end of the day the most important key to making lead generation work…

… Is the list.

WHO are you sending your message to? Having a list of homeowners with a 30% equity is the wrong list. Yes the marketing medium (like cold calling vs door knock) is important if you consider the question: “are you reaching your prospect?”. But, that can easily be tweaked and added if you have the right list (or area).

And I’ll be talking more about a list this in a book I’m writing called (possibly) : “The Real Estate Investors Guide to Writing Converting Ads: Boost Your Success in a Crowded Market”.

In the meantime, mosey on over to an article I’ve written on a guide to getting started from scratch in REI:


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