Marketing Series: Carlos Zamora

Never Miss a Lead with Diligent automated follow up – Investor Fuse VP

Time Management, Marketing Systems, and Follow-ups techniques… to boost deal generation productivity

What happens after you get a lead to respond?

Do you put it in your excel sheet and calendar? Does it actually get followed up with…?

Or does it get washed away because you “felt” like they weren’t motivated enough… only to find out the house sold later on?

Most investors, if they aren’t diligent about following up with leads… they miss deals that are right under their noses.

Carlos Zamora, VP of Investor Fuse explains in this Expert Interview, how studies have found 80%-90% of deals are won in the follow-up.

Today we interview Carlos, who explains his story of going from wholesaling to co-Owner and VP of a software company (Investor Fuse) who set the way for an automated Lead management tool exclusively for investors. He’ll discuss big and small ways that investors can do TODAY, to increase their Deal Generation by adding a diligent system that keeps track of ALL your leads so nothing falls through the cracks….

Learn to monetize every lead, and even incorporate the “human element” along with multiple exit strategies into a simple automated follow-up sequence.

In this interview you’ll discover:

  • How to follow up with buyers (techniques and tools for any size investor). 18:13
  • Can a small-time investor benefit from an automated follow-up system? Carlos explains why, why not 7:21
  • What IF is really about: managing and organizing all your leads, and making sure nothing falls through the cracks…every dollar is accounted for, and every lead gets contacted… and being able to follow up with touch-of-buttons systems. 6:53
  • A Harvard article explains how it’s mentally exhausting to follow up and how to avoid quitting. 22:36
  • Real-world and life-altering hacks you can implement today for improved time management – a deep look into the daily life of a highly successful executive, and entrepreneur 39:24
  • The bullet-proof winner’s mindset to have win faced with heavy competition 38:05
  • How to create a follow-up system that doesn’t subtract the human element from your business. 11: 36
  • The entire keystone to making follow up work, and why most people fail at it. 21:43
  • The exact response rates of ringless voicemail that have been tested and proved – how many callbacks you should get for every 1,000 voicemails lefts. 14:24
  • Short scripts of what exactly to say during your follow up. 19:23
  • A strategic way to change your messaging based off market location – how the median price can alter what you say. 29:33
  • Harvard Article explains The cure for the most common reason why investors quit follow up. 22:36
  • The two follow up methods that have the highest response rates. 13:12

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