How young-ins’ are incredible at leveraging OPM

There are some incredible lessons, as real estate investors, that we can pull from kids.

One being their amazing imagination and their ability to create their ideas with whatever resources they have.

For instances, my youngest son, Johnny who’s 2 (almost 3), will create action figures from rocks, and mimic the neighbors “Despicable Me ‘fart gun’ toy” by pointing his rear-end in the ear and yelling out, “Fart Gun!”.

I’ve seen my oldest, Nathan, (who’s 7 right now) when he was 3-years old he would mimic the gardeners by slipping socks on his hands as “gloves”, then put on a back-pack and hold a golf club to mimic a Leaf Blower that’s carried on the back.

Kids are resourceful… when they want something, they find their ways.
And in an audio book that’s in my ear buds right now, there are some lessons that tap into this concept and can help you understand how to REALLY leverage other resources and OPM (other peoples money).

The book is “Million Dollar Habits” by Brian Tracy and published by the prestigious Nightingale-Conant.

Let me explain…

Contrary to what most believe, people have valuable resources right now wherever they stand, and it doesn’t matter if you’re in rags or if you’re in riches, or if you’re just starting out…

For instances, take “energy” as an example.

It’s a resource that many people wish they had more of.

I’ll bet if you’re young and vibrant you have lots of it. I know that sounds abstract… but bear with me here because EVERYONE still needs LOTS of energy to knock on doors everyday and make cold calls everyday. And lot of investors with money don’t have that kind of energy today.

Personality… this is another resource. Some people are naturally better at networking and building rapport.

Specialized knowledge… Even the smallest things like knowing how to train a dog, uploading a video online, writing, can be valuable to someone else.

Time… the most valuable but underappreciated (in the common world) resource of them all. Many investors with money lack it.

What’s the point of all this?

Well, if you struggle with the idea of tapping into other peoples money…. understand that money is just ONE currency, out of hundreds.

New investors get tied up in the concept, thinking they need bundles of money in their midst to become wealthy… But far from it.

They have resources that are equally as valuable… they have resources that can triple their current network (which is another valuable resource and the most valuable when it comes to building a business)…

It’s just a matter of finding out what people want and finding a resource to trade.

Which is something, incidentally, revealed throughout this seminar, “Millionaire Makers…”. The constant them of it is:

… how to buy houses and grow your portfolio of wealth with no money (or very little of it).

In it, you might want to pay particular attention to the “creative finance panel” presentation, which has real-life examples of using methods (like trading a car) to buy expensive real estate (in the ranges of $800k and above) with no money (it goes astronomically beyond just “private money”)

And the “Use what you have, to get what you need, to get what you want” presentation… showing you how even a house has as many as 8 different “currencies” that you can barter with, trade with, all without using even the lent left over in your pocket, let own your money.
You can check it out here:

p.s. I don’t promote this as much as I should (and it’s not available on the site anymore), but be warned that the full seminar (which you can purchase right now from the above link), won’t last. I intend to break up the seminars into 5-8 different packages that will cost much more than what you’ll pay for right now.

“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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