How to negotiate in the Bizarro world of Investing

There was a Seinfeld episode where Constanza and Jerry had a meeting with NBC to pitch and negotiate their show about “nothing”.

Constanza was there in front of the heads of the NBC network with his head all inflated trying to pitch a terrible idea that NBC was obviously not interested.

He took a position of “power” thinking that’s how you negotiate…

Instead of taking the decent deal that NBC offered…. Constanza refused the deal… thinking that he can get a better deal because that’s how the “big shots” do it….

And just how Seinfeld, said, “That’s how you negotiate in the “Bizarro World”, so it was in the real world… Jerry and Constanza didn’t get their deal because Constanza refused the only decent deal that was offered to them .

And so it is in real life of investing… the negotiation “tactics” are grand and abundant in the investing forums, just copying and swiping what they see on TV and not understanding the ONE true principle of negotiation:

… Give them what they want.

And Buddy Broome, a professional investor in LA buying up Multi-family without ever using a traditional bank, explains his fundamental rules to successful negotiation in this 40 minute interview…

… where you’ll discover:

– The most over-used question from amateurs, and one you should avoid in almost every situation. 17:32

– The buying strategy used by Bob Ross to fix problems and create good deals for everyone. 15:15

– How to buy property without ever using banks

– Fleas crawling up legs – a clue to the “Real Deal” . 5:00

– Real-Life examples of solving motivated seller problems. 10:01

– His rule of thumb for analyzing rentals. 14.03

– Negotiation situations that land you cash flowing property. 11.33

– How many offers it took for his first deal. 14.26

And much more…

listen to it here:

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