How to go from “wobbly” to buying partial notes.

The other day my oldest son Nathan got the hang of riding his bike.

He finally got it, and for a while there, things were looking dark in that department. We honestly didn’t think he was going to get it anytime soon.

But one day, he surprised us.

Everyday I had him step on the bike and practice. But everyday it was the same: he just wasn’t getting it.

Until out of nowhere he just got it, and started riding it on his own with no help.

And I thought about this, and learning to ride a bike is a lot like starting any new venture or skill-set.

And in REI we don’t get the whole idea of buying at a discount (“Why would anyone sell at a discount?”), or being a salesman, or managing a rehab, or transaction, or managing assets, etc.

But one day you just get these things.

You start to have some confidence in front of sellers.

You become better over the phone.

You pick up a few tricks here and there.

You learn about “creative finance” and you now you’re on top of the world.

Well, EVERYONE starts just like Nathan on that bike: Shaky and wobbly, with no end at sight.

And the same goes for the FIBI co-founder Ellis San Jose.

Who’s now a “go-to” player in complicated issues of a deal, and can solve these things like a detective.

In this interview he tells how he buys up partial notes, and even gives away small loans to owners to pay off the tax bill an exchange for an option to buy.

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“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

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