How to get out of “REI Limbo”

Here’s a sure a way to go broke in competitive market….

Watch how everyone else is marketing…

Copy their exact templates…

Their exact messages….

Their exact service…

And do the bare “minimum” with follow up and service….

Sure enough though, that’s exactly what’s taught.

Go to the forms, on FB and Biggerpockets… if you’re in a competitive market and copy the advice of those who are only keyboard warriors or those that are in very low-competitive markets (which in my opinion that advice is only a fraction of what’s required in a shoulder-to-shoulder crowded “i buy houses” market)

… And you’ll be killed.

You’ll end up in the “REI Limbo” wondering, “What hell am I doing wrong, and why are others around me getting deals and I’m NOT!”

I know, because that’s exactly what I did when I got my ears wet with REI.

I even implemented what a high-level mentor and volume guy told me (which was a recycled version of: mail a general list with a general letter, and offer .65 cents on the dollar)… but I spent a good 5 figures on it with nothing to show but limp “leads”.


… if i had a better follow up and knew creative ways to structure deals (like what’s taught in the Creative Finance Panel that’ll be available at a discount to Deal Magnet Subscribers)… I would have seen a deal a two.

But… the principle still stands.

Better lists, unique message, and personal copy/presentations…. make pulling leads as easy rolling a 1 ton boulder down a hill.

My friend and operator in the Atlanta area agrees…

commenting on my recent Deals Today episode on the Unique Selling Proposition.

He says:


“Nice podcast on the USP. I’m having similar thoughts these days on how do you differentiate in a crowded market. How do you do it in Direct Mail…a voice mail…a text? I don’t have good answers but the only answer I do know is: test, test, test….”

By the way, the beer story comes from Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising.

Is that Gene Schwartz book worth the hundred bucks or so?….


And I expand on the USP and make it a little more applicable to REI in the podcast episode I published today.

Find out more about standing out here in this recent “Marketing Rambles” episode:

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