How to get canned from the w-2

I had a great interview (With Jay Helm) with someone who lost their job (because of COVID) and is now forced to make his business work (and support his family) in 6 months or he’s gotta go back, crawling from boss to boss to find another job.

Despite that… he says it’s best thing that’s ever happened to him.

I concur (with the crappy job part). Being under the thumb of someone, who points and you go-pher…. is shietty.

But I didn’t come to you to grovel about a w2.

No, I’m here to tell you about the one marketing strategy that will get you noticed, increase your response, and cut out all the tire kickers.

And that’s the Unique Selling Proposition.

Yes, the USP isn’t reserved for e-commerce or TV advertising in the 50’s, or YouTubers screaming it out without actually applying it in their own businesses.

It’s also 102.5% for the real estate investor.

Especially, when you’re in a crowded market and need to stand out.

But a USP can work in many ways… and in the wrong ways. For instances, the gentleman I interviewed had a “USP” at work.

He was known to be a REI entrepreneur among ranks of bosses.

His bosses knew that he’s a holder of many multi-family assets.

He was the only one there at the J-O-B who did such a thing

They looked up to him.

But when it came down to laying 10% of the workforce off because a virus came and shut down the world economy….

… they figured Ole’ Jay here has an edge over the others.

He actually has income coming in outside of W-2… so they him canned him. Not because of his work.

But because they believed he can survive well.

Anyway, That interview is coming up later…

But for now…. I go into some small tid-bits about APPLYING a unique selling proposition’s in REI today.

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“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

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