How to fix a “unsellable” home

Back in 2018-2019, I took a mobile home salesperson license class.

The instructor had been in the business of starting and operating a mobile home dealers shop for decades and the class took place right inside the comfort of her own Costa Mesa home.

(I never got the license, and probably won’t ever, but the class had a lot of good information and the instructor was entertaining to hear)

Part of the class she talked about selling mobile homes and what it took to advertise and sell these bad boys.

Because contrary to popular belief…. items, houses, and products…. don’t sell themselves.

She went about telling a story (her class was full of stories which is why it was always a sold-out class) about a mobile home that could not sell.

She became the new Dealer for that listing.

Upon arriving at the home, and taking a look at the location and the home itself… she realized why it couldn’t sell.

The ad was for the wrong buyer.

It was more of an “office” than a home (I don’t remember the exact reason why it was more of an “office” than a home… something to do with the location and the layout of it)

She changed up the ad, made it more of a 1st person story as if the mobile home was talking to the prospect, targeted the actual buyer (or “avatar”) in the copy… and sold the home in 2 weeks.

The lesson behind that is how powerful words can detract or attract the right buyer/seller for your product.

For instances…

This principle of figuring out the right buyer/seller FIRST is copywriting 101. If you have a house that needs serious repair, a busy middle class family probably ain’t gonna be your prospect for it. And trying to appealing to ALL buyers just gets your ads walked over be that ACTUAL buyer

There are rules (like the one mentioned) to writing sales messages.

It’s NOT just “off-the-cuff”.

It’s NOT about being a “talented” writer.

There are formulas, techniques, and principles in writing persuasive copy.

Because human psychology has NEVER changed since they evolved (from God knows what animal)… and human triggers don’t change from industry to industry.

Also, these rules ALWAYS apply when finding deals as well, don’t think otherwise.

Because you’re still selling SOMETHING when you’re buying a house.

Well, I wrote I piece in the Investor Carrot blog back in 2017 detailing some copywriting techniques that real estate investors can use today.

It’s a bit old, and I’ve improved in my knowledge and writing since then… but the blog piece is still applicable.

Since Carrot re-published the article again last week, and since It’s a popular piece with them, I thought of sharing it with you.

So here it is:
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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