How to find the “Secret Wall” of Sellers

Behold, a very profitable REI lesson from one of the greatest shows on TV…

If you’ve ever watched Seinfeld you’d remember the “Crazy Joe at the Opera” episode.

Joe was a little “crazy” (I purposely used this word for all the “politically correct” people).

He hated Jerry Seinfeld for some reason; leaving threatening voice messages on Jerry’s phone.

He was also obsessed with Elaine (Jerry’s old girlfriend) and Elaine had no clue.

At the beginning of the episode, Elaine dated “Crazy” Joe and everyone BUT Elaine, knew he was crazy. Everyone warned her but she didn’t see it.

She just waived it off and said, “He looks fine to me”.

And one day, Elaine sneaked into Crazy Joe’s home and found a room that had a wall FULL of secret photos of her like a stalker who takes creepy photos of his secret admirer from a distance.

Along with the photos, was a lock of hair from Elaine.

Well, that was the “deal-breaker” for her. And Joe’s “craziness” was finally revealed to her.

But, initially, she had no clue because he concealed his true nature.

That episode reminds me of a common problem when looking for leads.

Just like Crazy Joe, sellers also conceal their true motivation to us.

I remember many times, how I was looking for the “one-call” close with sellers, and searching for the seller that just spills the beans to me on the first phone call.

But that rarely happens.

Sellers, like everyone else, conceal what they really want and what they really feel with a complete stranger.

So it’s your job, to pry it out

To get it out you have to be:

* patient,

* friendly,

* Interesting,

* curious.

Smile, tell stories, and ASK the right questions.

Don’t stop asking questions till’ you get to the root of the issue.

Now that takes a lot of work, doesn’t it?

That’s why I’m a big fan of only going after motivated sellers ( I hated chasing my tail with retail sellers… and “lookie” buyers)

Of course, there are exceptions: In some “limp” and desperate markets where people are giving away houses.

And in certain niches like land (when I buy land I never go chasing. I just wait for the signed contracts to come in through mail or email… that’s the nature of a high inventory market and low supply of solutions… and that’s the nature of a good offer right in the mail. More on that and the art of marketing in the Deal Magnet News membership launching soon)

So, remember, like Crazy Joe, you’re going to deal with sellers concealing the truth. But with a few minutes of rapport-building and some doses of good questions, you can find their secret “Elaine Worship Wall” and find the REAL reason why they’re selling.

Now… to skip that amount of work of FINDING motivated sellers (it can feel like looking for a specific missing red Lego piece in a 5-gallon bucket full of colorful Legos)…

… and getting right to the ACTUAL sellers you need to deal with…

… I’ve found that the mobile home market is primed for that.

There’s a lot more motivation to sell (fewer solutions than a single-family house owner).

And there’s a lot of them and very few investors to solve their problems.

So, if you’re interested in getting to motivated sellers much fast and easier than SFR, and creating a very nice monthly cash flow from a handful of deals…

Then check out my eBook:

However, know that I’m not the go-to expert on these, I’ve done a handful of them and cataloged my adventures in it.

I shared what I discovered, and knowledge of others, and partners, and friends flipping with me, into a small introductory book on how to get started in mobile home flipping and create a few hundred dollars of income a month as I did (not professing millions, or retirement… although many people I look up to in this business have achieved those goals in that asset)
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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