How to buy notes with FIBI Co-founder

Confusion and head-spinning sets in when a new investor enters the scene and falls into the dark-abyss of Bigger Pockets.

… With all the plethora of information there, and all the topics being thrown around on what strategy to start with.

Most get into “wholesaling” and “flipping”; usually because of lack of money and think it’s the “easy” way to build capital for their rental portfolio.

Yes SOME have done that… but most don’t realize how much it’s more about building a business than it is about real estate investing.

And, flipping and wholesaling just isn’t everyone’s cup tea… especially for me. The thought of creating SOP’s (standard operation procedures, which I’ve done), and creating systems for managers, keeping track of KPI’s consistently, hiring and training admins and managers, and eventually a COO…

… Makes me want to vomit all over this laptop.

But, that’s just me… it’s not a knock on the business-model. It’s just not my personality or natural attributes.

But, there are hundreds of ways to get into REI and building a volume business like above, is only a sliver of the tip of the iceberg.

And our guest Ellis San Jose will explain how he didn’t pursue the usual “flipping” and “wholesaling” model…

And instead become a prolific passive investor by:

– Buying notes
– Solving complicated title problems
– buying rentals
– buying partials
– loaning money an exchange for an option to buy the property

He has become a creative investor that figures out title issues that no-one else can figure out… like the time he closed on a property that had 2 probates and code enforcement breathing down the neck of one of the heirs.

So, tune into Ellis, the co-founder of FIBI, and his story:

How to Buy Mortgage Notes with FIBI Co-Founder Ellis San Jose

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