How to build the most effective team imaginable in any market cycle

I like to interview people from different industries, not just “REI”. Or else things get dry and boring in here.

So, through a referral, I interviewed John Gualtieri – A sales trainer for real estate agents for 25 years and a broker himself for the last 30+ years.

In the interview we get talking about:

*How to build a small but effective team (he built the most successful team in his state, and did with a small number of members)

*How to find the right people using the right tools (the personality test he makes people take)

*How to build yourself to be a great leader

*What to expect in the RE market coming up (his experience of being in 30 years of up and down markets)

*How to talk with prospects and door knock effectively with the right script

You can find it:

Or you can search for the “Deals Today” podcast
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

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