How to avoid financial misery – the tellings of a debt collector

In the movie The Commuter, with Liam Neeson, Liam’s character is this NY insurance agent in his 60’s whose accumulated massive debt, and owns very little and has really no hope for a financial future.

Every day he rides the commuting train from the suburbs of NY to the inner city which takes him a couple of hours to-and-from where he gets to moan in his financial pain and misery.

Anyway, one day, he’s tempted by a beautiful stranger in the train to do a “simple” job.

A job, that when done, he’ll get a bag full money plus more that would supply his family with financial riches.

There’s a lot more to this “simple job” that most likely ruin his life instead but I won’t spoil it.

Anyway, the movie has a scary but real fear that hangs around many people.

And that fear is: what happens when you’re older and have no financial hope. No retirement. No assets that produce for you. Massive amount of debt?

And the movie reassured me that being a debt collector, is far better than owing, in any economic times.

There’s many ways to do it, either being a landlord or a promissory note owner like myself (or even not in the REI business, perhaps in owning company stocks if you’re into that… point being: own assets.)

But, how do you combat the REAL possibility that your clients/tenants/payers won’t pay during an economic slump?

From what I’m gathering, there’s two worlds here:

1.) People who’ve lost upwards of 50% of their monthly tenant income
2.) People who’ve lost very little

So what’s the difference?

I think it’s QUALITY payers; finding quality people to put into place.

Which is why when I sold land I ALWAYS (except for one time) asked for upwards of $1k down upfront (which was at least 10% down).

Ironically, the person who I allowed to put only $200 down… defaulted.

So that’s one way to get quality payers.

John Schaub of “Building Wealth One House at A Time” Lays out his whole system in his seminars which are very interesting and 10x worth what you pay in his seminars.

But, speaking of QUALITY… there’s also quality sellers.

And there’s a big difference between tire-kickers and people who need to get rid of their house yesterday.

(And this is ironically a newsletter I’ve written for my Deal Magnet Membership coming out soon, where I talk about a copywriter tactic to avoid those Tire Kickers but keep the relationship open just in case they need to sell later).

And, I get asked quite a bit: “What lead generation works the best?”

While there isn’t a one answer to that question… there is a one answer I have to where does the BEST quality leads comes from.

And that’s online.

This has been proven not just by me but several others, that sellers who are deliberately searching for a solution to their problem online… are far more qualified and are ready to sell right now.

Yes, it takes work to get in the organic search engine, AND if you’re in a competitive market it takes a long time. And you might have to think outside the box a bit.

But if putting the work in to have an online presence is your privy so that you can gain an asset (a quality website) that produces…

… then sign up with my affiliate link at and we’ll get on the phone to talk about what you can do different in your market place and what It takes to rank in your location.

And if we find out that it’s NOT for you. I’ll be real with you and say you should probably refund.
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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