How I almost got scammed on Craigslist

When I was flipping land, I learned the ways of Craigslist (CL) and selling real estate through it.

Well, one very sketchy thing about CL is the amount of scams through out.

Like this one time, where I received a very strange text followed up by email from a “buyer” ready to purchase my property.

But there were some instant red flags.

Mainly, his/her terminology (which wasn’t speaking in normal terms of buying real estate), and her urgency to purchase the property, and her continued response about someone meeting me to receive the “item”.

Well, anyway… I carried on with it. I wanted to see how far this would go.

And it ended with me receiving a “real” cashiers check in the mail (which I still have).

I dug deeply, Googled it, and asked my Land flipping community…. and it seems that it’s a common scam going around.

Where someone says they are a buyer for your CL listing, sends you a fake cashiers check that’s OVER the amount of your asking price, and then they will ask you to cash the check and wire the overage amount.

Since it’s a cashier check, it passes… for the first few days until the bank realizes the money isn’t being sent. All this is happening AFTER you just wired the “buyer” the overage amount.

(I believe I was asking for $9,000 and he sent a cashiers check of $11,000)

Anyway… what’s the point of this other than to teach you about a common scam out there?

Well, I actually used this true story to sell land.

I took this story, and wrapped it up into an article with a picture of me holding the check as a “Buyer Beware” article.


Because Content sells baby.

Everything is content.

Everything is a story.

Most people think of content as just article writing…


Content is the VALUE and the RELATIONSHIP that you give your sellers/buyers.

Yes it can happens with articles… but it also happens with sales presentations (with the stories and info you tell), the letters, the emails (like these daily emails), the reports, etc.

Content is everything in your business.

And it establishes the relationships and brings interesting character into the conversation.

Think about these emails I write.

When I was selling land… I emailed just like this to my list of potential land buyers.

What happened after that…?

Buyers that I’ve never met, that were on my list for months, would respond out of the blue with:

“I’ve been on your list for 4 months, and I’m ready to buy.”

These buyers where the easiest and best buyers I dealt with.

And the reason for that is more thoroughly explained in the recent podcast appearance I made in Investor Fuse’s “80/20 Podcast” where I talk about ways to create content, why to create it, and how to implement it (for small and large real estate investors).

These are things I learned from the Great Dan Kennedy, my own ideas, and things I’ve implemented myself.

Check it out here:

“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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