Here’s one way to kill a deal

Are you needy when it comes to talking with sellers?

I was in my younger days when it came to picking up girls.

I wasn’t your average “Casanova” in high school and college when it came to picking up girls.

In fact, I remember when my good friend (who was probably worse in the “female-persuasion” department) and I would try and compete on picking up a girl at a party.

We would flutter around, trying to impress and spit our “game”… appearing needy by default.

Only, the oddest thing would happen… the same girl would end up with the unexpected guy who wasn’t even trying.

… the “unneedy” one.

And the same reality happens in real estate as well.

I’ve been there… where you’re afraid to say the wrong words, step on their toes, not reveal your true intentions… all so you don’t “lose” the deal.

As the great Zig Ziglar has said, “Timid salespeople have skinny kids”.

You never have the deal to begin with… there’s absolutely no need for you to “NEED” this deal. Unless your starving

And as the late great negotiator (and yes, he’s better the famous Chris Voss) Jim Camp says… “If you NEED this deal to survive, I suggest getting a part time job at night, because there’s no worse way to kill a deal than to look needy”

Don’t be needy when entering a deal. And “needy” isn’t just a money thing… with new investors it’s more of a cultural thing, where you “need” the status of getting a deal.

So here’s the remedy:

…Enter a deal “not giving a foog”, do what you can to listen with all your energy to their problems and HELP the seller, give them a solution(s), try and close them, and move on to the next one (while following up).

If they don’t want your help, than there’s no deal.

Have fun this week,
Your REI Pal, Paul

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“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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