Hard work avoided like my Mouse Friend Avoiding my traps

We’ve been having a mouse problem.

This little critter got into our home and now he avoids my traps.

I got him once, but I lathered the trap so much with peanut butter that overnight the oil diluted the glue and he got out… that little bastard.

Now he smells my scent on the traps I lay and avoids them like most shiny-object seekers in our industry avoiding hard work.

It’s astonishing, all the comments I read about “investors” trying to get out of the work needed…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a slacker like no other…but a slacker is different than plain laziness (a slacker will do the hard work but finds ways to make it as efficient as possible to avoid anymore hard work)

The great thing about real estate is the wealth that it creates for us…

The bad thing about it is the amount of shiny-object people it attracts that believe that real estate is their escape, and in one year they’ll be out cruising in their $80k Audi while sitting back letting the deals flow in.

But as soon things don’t go as planned (as they usually do), they crawl back to the “safe space” like my critter friend does when we turn on the lights.

And any “scent” of failure ahead…. they avoid that path like my parasite-carrying mousy who smells my scent and runs around the traps.

The reason I bring this up, is because of a recent phone conversation with some hardworking wholesalers in my town.

These guys have been “going to the iceberg” everyday, Sundays they’re driving for dollars… building up the skills and knowledge of this business…

What most don’t realize… that the “secret sauce” to success isn’t a fancy gimmick, or tool, or method…

It’s the accumulation of skills, knowledge, and habits.

(I know, nothing profound here… but needed to say it when all you hear on YouTube and Flakebook are: “Do this ONE thing to become successful overnight”)

Any goal that’s worth it, takes time and tweaking, constant effort, and failing and getting back up again.

Speaking of hard work… Years ago I wrote a piece for Investor Carrot on tips for Real Estate investors on copywriting,

I wrote three tips to improving any message you write along with the problem with marketing in REI

Check it out here:

“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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