Happy Investor Day?

Here’s a shocking opinion from a blue-collar worker…

Along with Labor Day, there should be an “Entrepreneur” day, or an “Investor” day, or a “small-business” day.

Labor Day honors the firefighters, the policemen, the utility workers, the construction workers, that build our infrastructure and keep our cities safe.

So I’m not downplaying yesterday at all.

But I am saying there should be some honor given to the ones that make things move in this country.

Investors get a bad rep.

With all the political groups moving against landlords and creating laws that favor tenants thinking that landlords have it easy… Investors don’t get any respect.

But, the truth is that they help improve our cities’ BIG TIME.

That’s why there are tax codes and loopholes that make it very profitable for investors.

These old real estate and wealth tax codes where created so that they encourage the deep pockets in our country to CREATE.

When the government needs action, like the infrastructure in the “Opportunity Zones”, they create a tax code that benefits the ones who puts their money to work in it.

So, investors improve this country more than any other.

They work alongside the government (in some ways).

So they deserve some credit here!

So, how do you as a mobile home investor, a single-family investor, a land flipper, landlord, etc… who might not have the money like these deep-pockets do, but still take advantage of the tax codes?

By learning how to FIND the profitable deals that benefit these “deep-pocket” investors looking for tax write-offs.

And learning how to find them over and over again, regardless of the competition and regardless of everyone saying, “There’s too much competition!”.

Real estate opportunities are growing, ads from gurus promoting wholesaling are growing, the prices are still stable and it’s still a sellers market, and the market is being flooded by new investors every day.

So how do you stand out and discover methods for consistently finding deals?

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“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

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