Guru Pocus

Remember the movie “Hocus Pocus?

Plays on TV at this time probably 2-3x per week.

Well, their spell and song (“I put a spell on you…. And now your mine!”)…. can uplift a zombie from the ground to become their minion, and turn parents into slaves.

Which reminds me of stage gurus…

… With their sales pitch (“spell and song”) they’re able to have 80% of the room without thinking, reach into their wallets and pull out their cards and zombie-stagger into the back of the room for the next upsell seminar.

They are good. And, sometimes, there’s no escaping from their spell… Don’t worry, I’ve been there too, it’s ok… a lot of people can’t resist their powerful “song and spell”

But just like witches have a weakness (they can’t cast any spells if you can’t hear them)… gurus have weakness too…

If you understand that some of their pitches of “no-money down” is just a “Wholesaling” seminar in disguise.

Wholesaling, is one of the hardest ways to get into real estate.

And this seminar link at the bottom is nothing close to a “Wholesaling” seminar.

I have nothing against people giving information on stage, and selling. There’s no shame in selling something…

However… this video and audio seminar is no upsell pitch for coaching or “how to use credit cards to buy real estate” seminar.

Instead it gets into raw techniques and principles that wealthy investors used and still use today. And techniques like:

1. how to get the seller to fund the deal
2. the “components” to a house deal
3. the inner workings of a note business
4. 40 unique ways to find deals (not your typical bandit sign seminar)
5. real examples of creative finance deals and how you can implement too with these simple questions
6. how to leverage this special account to earn tax-free REI profit
7. and much more

10 presentation in all, 18 hours.

Get it while the 67% discount code “HALLOWEEN” still applies,
use the coupon code HALLOWEEN

(note: this is the same seminar (no changes) from last year to the beginning of this year)

Oh, and before I forget…. 4 Bonuses come with your purchase:

1. An eBook: Copywriters guide to the real estate investor
2. An eBook: Boost your Lead Generation by 300%
3. An audio I recorded a while ago talking about 4 ways to get started in REI with little money
4. The PDF transcript of an Andy Teasley interview (not available on the site), about how he got started in mobile homes, flipping some land, flipping trailers… all for cash flow

(if you don’t receive the bonuses email after purchase, please let me know ASAP. )

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