Growing wealth before buying any real estate

People think of “wealth” narrowly as only the physical property you own.

Yes, that’s important.

But, your wealth creation starts way before you buy your first property.

It starts with the relationships you build.

I know this sounds abstract.

But I have been witnessing this more and more when I podcast and get on other people’s podcasts.

When you’re out at REI clubs, talking with agents, attorneys, property managers, going out to coffee with them, interacting with players on social media… you are drilling a well.

A well of money, deals, resources, and education that you can tap into whenever you want.

And that doesn’t start when you’re already a wealthy investor. That starts on day one that you start calling yourself a real estate investor.

Your list of contacts is another form of “wealth”.

As well as you’re valuable skill sets, businesses you build, and information products and books you own.

These things you can tap into for resources, ideas, help, etc.

So start building your “wealth” today by meeting people. And it goes well beyond just “passing out business cards”, as in the exclusive interview that I did with one of the most connected men in marketing, Brian Kurtz on how to network for profits…

It’s almost like looking for people you can call friends after you’ve had a good talking to.

Here’s an example of a deep relationship that pays off in profits: an exclusive interview I did with Omar Lopez I found out that he became a co-owner of a mobile home park.

The only reason he was able to get that opportunity is because he was referred to. He was considered a hard worker, a go-getter, and trusted by the small community of deep-pocket investors.

And it wasn’t because he had this massive portfolio; He just got started.

It was because he spent a lot of time with people in his local area (even buying a plane ticket so that he can sit next to a deep-pocket investor on the way to an event)

Anyway, that’s a form of wealth creation; that’s relationships for profits.

But there’s another form of “wealth” that might be under looked.

And that’s having your own online real estate.

I’m talking about having your own website that performs.

That brings traffic, that converts, that pre-sells sellers before an appointment, that gives you free articles that you can give to prospects, that instantly gives you credibility when potential sellers and money partners go to it.

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“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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