Getting wiped out from one outrageous law.

Before the 2008 crash, mortgage industries operated much like the wild west.

I’m not talking about the sketchy operations and the foiled mortgages that no one can pay.

I’m talking about their lead generation system…

Which consisted of a room full of a bunch of “cowboy” cold callers packed in there, with the head-honcho in the middle cracking the “bull-whip” to keep that phone by their ear and keep them dialing for dollars.

It worked and it worked well. It was the main drive of the mortgage business back then (this was way before the 2008 crash).

Until one day…

…. the government came out with the “Do Not Call List”.

In 90 days 2/3’s of the mortgage industry were WIPED OUT.

The same head-honcho who owned that multi-millionaire dollar a year business, was driving taxis to make a living the next day.

So, Imagine losing all your business, leads, note payments, tenants, assets etc. overnight?

Is it possible?

It is… if you rely on ONE source of anything. It’s the DANGER of having only ONE source of leads, income, business etc.

It’s why today some 300,000 people aren’t essential workers and are filing for unemployment… because that was there ONLY source of income.

Your only source can be wiped out overnight…

… a fire in your area where you keep your only cash-flowing homes…

… a law that says you can’t cold call…

… a law that says you can’t wholesale…

There’s a lot of possibilities but that’s why keeping ONE way is dangerous and you should eventually move into learning different skill-sets, techniques, and growing passive income.

Hence my Deal Magnet Membership which (I know, I know), I’ve been talking a lot about it, but I created it because of the reoccurring questions:

“How do find leads in a competitive market?”,

“What’s the best source of leads?”,

“How do I get funding for deals?”,

“How do I use Facebook to get leads?”

All these questions I’ll be answering in that membership through exclusive interviews, courses I put together, and newsletters on copywriting, advertising, and sales that help break away from using ONE source of deals…

… but it’s not ready yet.

So, I have to bring up another source of leads that puts out one of the highest quality leads I’ve seen and guarantees you (if you do the work), another source of leads so that you break out of your cycle of ONE.

And it’s the source that my friend Miguel has said (and I paraphrase):

“I’ve done bandit signs and door knocking, and the leads online are the most qualified I’ve seen”.

You can become a member and get a site going overnight by signing up at

Use the affiliate link and I’ll be there with you to guide you.

But, only if you put in the work (SEO, search engine optimization, takes time and money but motivated sellers ARE looking online for solutions to their problems). .
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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