How to Start Investing in Real Estate – Interview with New Success, Omar Lopez

In today’s interview, you’ll hear from a young investor who started in real estate investing about 2 years ago and has been charging at this newfound venture, horns down and not stopping. 

He’s dabbled in many different niches but is primarily a cash flow investor whose been churning out mobile homes for a tenant-free passive income every month. REI is only day job right now and you’ll discover some of the ways that he’s finding deals, how he got started, and tips for any new investors (and for experienced investors when they need to get their mind-set right). 

Even if mobile homes aren’t the niche that you see yourself gravitating toward, Omar’s story can give you a lot of good general information as well. Listen to the episode to hear how Omar got started, what his good deals and his bad deals look like, and what his advice is for new investors. 

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Omar’s Secrets to quick Success – Find out what you might be missing and how to fix it
  • How to buy houses with very little money – even as a brand-new investor
  • Free leads from referrals – How to be a referral-magnet and create long-lasting relationships
  • How Omar bought his own house he lives in by only making payments to the seller – called Owner Finance and how to do it 
  • What Omar’s best deal was like
  • An example of a bad deal that Omar has dealt with
  • How to find mobile home deals
  • What Omar’s day-to-day is like
  • How to solve the “Money “problems” that many new investors have. 
  • How Omar chooses neighborhoods
  • Omar’s tips for brand new investors
  • Omar’s metrics for whether a deal works for him or not
  • What Omar’s ROI looks like per year
  • And much more…

Quotes From the Show

“I was just ready for a change. I just not want to be the same person that I used to be anymore.”

“Attending the real estate meetings, but also believing in myself. I think I’ve always believed in myself.”

“I’m not really actively looking for mobile homes now. What I really want to look for are regular houses now.”