Getting Fake Leads up the Wazoo

My local landscapers, mortgagers, and “mow-and-blow” businesses are getting “raped”…

I don’t mean literally… but with their money (possible from an ad agency my guess is).

Here’s what I mean…

Recently my phone and email have been getting blown up with calls from mortgages and landscapers.

One of them said they received my contact information from their lead source (whatever that means).

Now at first, I thought there was a prank or scam going on… but that would take the person to individual fill out about 10 different company inquiries.

No… I’ve heard this before. Ad agencies that these companies hire, use their software to scrape data (yes you can scrap someone’s email and sometimes phone number when they visit your website) from a stranger visitor on a separate site, punching that contact info into their clients leads sheets and calling that “leads” for those clients.

So as the weeks go by, these clients are getting “leads” as promised by their agency but low and behold… those leads suck.

Unfortunately, the same “attitude” exists in REI. Where the definition of “leads” is someone who has an address.

That’s far from the principles of marketing, especially direct response marketing 101, where a lead is someone who raised their to you WITH INTEREST.

Now, how do you do that…? How do you get someone to raise their hand in interest than get to them to say yes to an appointment, and then to a contract?

Well, the first thing is first, making sure your marketing to the right people.

General marketing (or as my friend, Ellis San Jose, the co-founder of FIBI, and guest on the Deals Today podcast calls: “carpet bombing”), can work with a large enough budget in an area where there’s little competition.

But as my book “Deal Attractors…” lays out.. copy sort of has little effect for that kind of marketing.

And I explain why inside that book and what you can do differently.

As well how to avoid unmotivated sellers, tire-kickers, and these “fake leads” using some candor and what I did inside one of my own letters that you get as a bonus when you purchase…

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“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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