Getting deep with my “disappointments”

Here’s a great quote for your Fanciful Friday:

“Most of my major disappointments have turned out to be blessings in disguise.

So whenever anything bad does happen to me, I kind of sit back and feel — well,

if I gave this enough time, it’ll turn out that this was good, so I shouldn’t worry

about it too much” – William Gaines (1922-1992)

publisher, “Mad” magazine

Here are some of my disappointments:

– When I first started, I’ve spent close to $30k on direct mail with no deal.

– My first mobile home I flipped I lost about $2k-$5K (probably more if I account for “hidden costs” that I didn’t realize–most people who display their deal-profit online don’t tell you that this is their GROSS, not NET. )

– I loaned $10k to a GOOD friend to start a business and that “friend” disappeared

– I’ve had “deals” in my hand taken from mobile home parks.

– I’ve bought a parcel that no one wants

– I’ve started business ventures that went nowhere

– I made an unconventional decision before my first son’s birth that cost him 2 weeks (felt like months) in the NICU and almost my wife’s life (no this isn’t drugs or anything bad like that. There was really no way of knowing this would happen by choosing to go with a Midwife clinic vs a birthing plan in a hospital–But this isn’t really anyone’s fault (except for the incompetent midwife). But I do blame myself a bit. Because being an INTP in the MBTI, I should have stepped in, thought about the logic and the fallacies, and logically explained my thoughts and rationale–this is assuming of course, that my logic would disagree with the decision… but who knows)

All these are “disappointments” in some way. But I’m still here, breathing and retelling it. Imagine if everything good happened to you…. that would be a boring arse life.

Nothing to learn from.

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