Getting chased down in a gang-infested neighborhood while searching for deals

Years ago when I was walking the streets of Pomona looking for deals… we ran into a bit of a…. problem. (if you don’t Pomona is a bit of “ghetto” with many gangs)

At the time we were hammering a list of pre-foreclosures.

It was myself and my buddy who happens to also be a competitive body-builder, ex-college football player, about 6’5”… and very intimidating.

He also has a very nice looking BMW (don’t ask me the class and all that, I’m not a car guy)

Well… long story short…. we got chased down by gang members. True story, not an exaggeration.

Well, I have some thoughts about this and a lesson on how being like “Columbo” can dramatically change people’s “feeling” towards you… drop their guard with you and reveal to you things they normally wouldn’t when they feel uptight with you.

It happens all the time.

Prospects and people you’re trying to network with… feel this “uptightness” with you; they don’t feel “okay” with you.

Well, the solution to this is being “unokay”.

This is a negotiation tactic by the late great negotiation coach Jim Camp (who Chris Voss praises as the best negotiation of all time)

And in this audio that you can tune in on your mobile phone explains my whole story of how we got chased down by gangsters in Pomona, CA, and how to be “unokay” and turn any situation into a comfortable one and make your prospect (person at the other side of the table) lighten up a bit while at the same time spilling the beans on their whole situations because they have a little more trust in you.

It’s all explained in my mobile app inside the tab called “REI tales from the Crypt”.

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