Getting almost anything you want by getting to first base.

The famous Robert Fragoso (a 30-year Plus investor) once spoke at a local REIA (pre covid).

And what he said was very simple but some of the best advice to give to anyone:

“Just get on base”.

Don’t think you’re going to hit that home run, and don’t even worry about striking out… just worry about hitting that “single” and getting on base.

We worry too much.

We want the home run.

The Slammin deal

Then we get picky about the deal, and want it all… and then screw it up.

Just get started by getting on that base. Success is one thing at a time. One small win. One small single hit

The minute details will work themselves out. You’ll learn as you go. You’ll tweak as you go.

Getting started is Hard, I know. But you will fail quite a bit. But if you just break down your goals into very simple parts and tasks, and not care if you mess up (because you will), then it makes it a little easier.

Here’s what I mean

So what does “Base” mean?

“Base” can mean anything:

– Get an appointment

– Send those mailers out

– Go door knocking a fulls days

– Make 1,000 calls this week

– Get 100 offers out this week, every week.

– Get a site published

– Get a book published, etc.

This is in fact the “secret to goal setting”.

People set grandiose goals with no plan to get there.

For instance, I have a goal to save $75k by July 2021.

That’s a very SPECIFIC goal.

And when I break that down (and with what I have already in that fund)… it comes to over $6k a month I need to move into that account to reach my goal.

Now, that’s specific.

Now I ask:

“What do I need to do to earn/save an extra $6k a month? ”

Now… there’s motivation!

There’s no: “I’ll just wait until tomorrow or next month”.

NO… I have to make that $6k. It’s very specific… It’s realistic… and it’s motivating.

This is goal setting at it’s best.

Most of you have goals of deals per year…. Or income per year.

But it’s hard to set specific goals of deals or income when you don’t know HOW you’ll get there.

You don’t know how you’ll get that extra deal this month… or create an extra $1,000 a month of cash flow this year.

Whatever it is… and you’re a real estate investor or wholesaler…

I highly suggest the seminar that I wished I had when I started.

By the time you’re done with the audios and videos you’ll know how to:

– Turn almost any lead into a deal by just tweaking your offers a bit

– How to negotiate with sellers (and NOT look pushy but more like the “order taker”)

– How to buy cash flowing assets in one day

– How to find deals in your market location with free, boots-on-the-ground methods

– How to buy deals with little money from your pocket (not a wholesaling or credit card presentation. Real Creative techniques taught by experts)

And much more in this 15-hour seminar, 8 presenters, 10 presentations.

You can read more about it here:

“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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