“foogk it I’m done”… is what most men say

* “Things” won’t drive you far enough to deal with all the shiet that happens in REI. *

During my w-2 work, we were putting in a new gas service to a multi-millionaire dollar house.

Huge house; and the most gorgeous I’ve seen being built and I’ve seen many being built.

Even the owner pulled up with the most expensive Mercedes they have on the market

My coworker was amazed.

He said to me, “I want that!… Campos (what he calls me) one day I’ll have this”.

I responded with this:

“If houses and cars are the reason you go into business and real estate investing…. believe me, you won’t last. Because ‘things’ isn’t strong enough to deal with all the headaches, the problems, the shiet that happens while you’re starting a business. You need something a lot stronger, a lot deeper. ‘Things’ are frivolous and come and go.
This guy has probably had a ton of problems to deal with given the amount of income he makes. I’ve only dealt with probably a tenth of that, IF that, and even my “tenth” is enough for any man to say, ‘Foogk it I’m done with this”.

And so it goes… anything worth it ain’t easy.

That’s why most driven entrepreneurs and people on my list are driven to deal with waking up early, pounding on peoples door, risk losing money, risk getting those scary letters from IRS or County…

… because they have something big.

Either being free from any w-2, the financial freedom to do what they want and when, to wake up when they want in the middle of the week, to live where they want to live, etc.

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong (I believe) with wanting the “flash” and the glam…

… but if you have family, and you work a w-2 job…

… in my opinion, that’s not strong enough to get you waking up early 7 days a week, deal with risk, be constantly working on something everyday, deal with problems, deal with loss, etc.

That’s why I believe it’s important to be constantly immersed and surrounded by individuals who are achieving and are successful.

That’s why I always have something in my earbuds, listening to interviews that my friend and mentor Michael Senoff at HardToFindSeminars.com offers, listening to audio books, or the vast amount of info-products I own.

So, get started in surrounding yourself with those individuals, psychically AND in your earbuds.

And one great way to get those individuals speaking directly to you in your ear buds… is to listen to my interviews.

Where I dig deep into their life and get the “goods” out.

So, here’s a past an interview with a skillful entrepreneur and my good friend and fellow copywriter, Aaron Hoos.

Probably the only copywriter exclusive for investors, he’s helped many people beef up their letters to motivated sellers and he shows you some techniques where you can do the same.

Listen to it here: https://www.realestateaudios.com/aaron-hoos/
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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