Flipping houses with $0 money down, building a team, Hard Money Lending and Investing in Tiny Homes…

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Flipping Series

… Top SoCal Investor, Stephen Mckee lays out his rags-to-success story and how he did it. 

Everybody’s story to success is different. Some cultivate specific career goals at an early age, others are continuously searching for their next project, but most success stories result in a series of happy accidents, tough decisions, and hard work. Stephen Mckee, serial entrepreneur and real estate investor, is no exception. 

One harmless summer job as a runner filled with mentors and, at times, car naps, launched Stephen on a fast track to real estate success. With a few risks and a lot of ingenuity, Stephen saw a large return on his first investment at just 22. Today, Stephen, along with longtime partner Todd Bayer, runs one of the largest REI clubs in Southern California, Inland Empire Real Estate Investment Club, and flipped over 50 homes in the expensive Southern California market. Now they’ve transitioned into an opportunity that’s just in time with new CA legislation in building and installing Tiny Homes for landlords.

Between flipping homes, his Hard Money Lending business, and a recent venture into tiny homes, Stephen possesses a wealth of knowledge. Listen as Stephen outlines his roadmap for building a business and securing deals even in the most competitive markets. 

You’ll also hear…

  • How he managed to buy his first deal with no money… by negotiating debt on behalf of the seller, borrowing $10k from unsecured Lenders, and negotiating an irresistible deal with the seller.
  • How he profited $150,000 on his first deal – a step by step guide
  • How to successfully flip houses in high-priced areas 
  • How to negotiate your way to a no-money-down deal
  • How to hire and his struggles during that journey
  • The most important skill set needed in the business – Leadership and why it matters with other investors
  • How many flips you should aim for per year…and why too much leads to unmanageable chaos
  • How to build a well-educated acquisitions team
  • How to find money for your deals even when it feels impossible
  • License requirements for becoming a hard money lender in CA
  • How Stephen picked himself up after the financial crash
  • Managing General Contractors 101
  • Why Stephen almost quit real estate entirely and how he picked himself back up
  • How he reads markets and transitioned from flipping to building Tiny Homes

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