Flipping Houses and Closing Deals as a Story Teller

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At the time of this recording, the recession has started, and lots of people are talking about opportunities. We can’t know for sure what the future will look like, but we do know that there are going to be opportunities, and that’s important to today’s show. 

Today I’ll be interviewing Jim Keller, a Southern California local who’s been in the game for a while. Jim is a great storyteller, and today you’re going to hear him talk about finding deals and finding money for deals. We’re also going to talk about mindset – what it is that makes the difference between the people who are consistently making successful deals and those who just can’t seem to make it work. Listen in to hear what Jim has to say about the importance of having an exit plan, his success formula, and how he got the funding he needed to get started. 

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • The most important mindset for an abundance of deals
  • How nurses and related careers are useful for managing flips
  • Whether Jim’s real estate background helped him as an investor
  • Jim’s wholesaling exit plan
  • The importance of an exit strategy
  • Demonstrating what it looks like to rehab a property
  • The tips to becoming an effective communicator 
  • What gets people motivated to make a deal
  • The success formula
  • Whether Jim deals with partners
  • Jim’s main source of funding when he started
  • How many projects Jim has going on at a time
  • Whether Jim would hire a new investor
  • Doing the things that move you forward
  • What to do to find deals

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