Expert Interview with Michael Nugent – Real Estate Agent and Flipper

Using your real estate license to flip houses in a highly competitive market

The story of a Peru Immigrant who spoke no English, but now runs a profitable business with his wife…
… Here are his methods and techniques

Today’s Interview is with a high performing flipper and listing agent, Michael Nugent. Michael is a source of inspiration and motivation due to the fact that he is an immigrant who spoke no English when he first got here. Today he and his wife run their successful real estate business AND and agency doing multiple deals a year in Southern California, a highly competitive area for both agents and Flippers

Michael is prepared to spill all of his flipping secrets. If you think you’ve heard a real estate agent/flipper talk before, we guarantee you’ll want to hang around for Nugent’s unique stories and expert tips which are the culmination of 17 years experience – you’ll be glad you did!

You’ll Also Hear . . .

  • The exact numbers of Michael’s first flip, how he did it, how much money he had to his name
  • How to deal with contractors, crews and handymen as well as what to look for in a contractor
  • What formula he uses now for flips
  • What Michael’s primary means of funds are
  • A walkthrough for a typical deal
  • How he uses direct mail to win easy deals
  • How he uses wholesalers to his benefit
  • If his real estate license hinders or benefits him
  • What companies and software he prefers
  • What type of asset he prefers to invest in and why
  • Why it makes sense for him to hire a property manager vs. self-managing properties
  • What Michael would do differently 10 years ago and what his biggest regrets are
  • The only area he would ever consider investing in and why
  • His best advice for those just starting out & amazing door knocking tips
  • … And much more

Get ready for Michael’s special blend of warmth, professionalism, and know-how as he dives deep into the two universes of listing real estate and flipping.

Let’s get to it…


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