How to Buy Mortgage Notes with FIBI Co-Founder Ellis San Jose

From rehabbing, rentals, buying mortgage notes and being the “go-to” guy to solve complicated title problems that no one else can figure out…

We go through the story of FIBI co-founder, Ellis San Jose, from beginning-to-now and what he has planned for the future. He’ll go over some example deals he’s done where it’s a headache for others to close, but a great and fun experience for him.

In it you’ll discover:

  • How to close a deal that has probate problems, and code enforcement breathing down your neck
  • How to buy only a slice of a seller-carry note (called a partial and discover why these are great and easy to get if you just ask)
  • Wholesaling and rehabbing isn’t for you? Listen to Ellis give his talk and why he didn’t go that route.
  • Why he choose passive income over wholesaling
  • Bank-owned notes or Seller-carry notes? Discover the difference and which is best to deal with
  • Two Probates for one house?! One of craziest deals he’s figured out and how he did it
  • The resources and education you should have behind you when starting
  • The best skill-set that any investor should have: it’s not marketing or sales.

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