Feeling the Bern of opportunity

“Small thinking individuals are abundant, as abundant as opinions in the world. ”

Case in point:

CA last year passed a law that makes carbon-based energy (like natural gas) illegal by 2045; a play-of-hand by environmentalist to force innovation and create an economy completely reliant on alternative energy.

Ironically, I witnessed our Union President (the union of the biggest distributor of natural gas in CA) cry at the podium about the evils of this law and how we must push back.

Funny thing is… the president is as left-leaning, democrat/environmentalist-voting as Bernie… I’m sure he feels the “Bern” now.

The Irony writes itself.

But, I’m here to show you a point.

Because when doors close (forced closed and shut by the government), big thinking individuals will see that hidden door opened and opportunity will come pouring out.

They’ll see it through tax-incentives (government awards those do what the gov wants them to. through major tax-benefits… like create jobs, affordable housing and alternative energy), buying opportunities, and business opportunities

Sometimes, we can’t do anything about our government.

But we can leverage it.

What does this mean for investors?

Well, with State Government shut downs that are basically committing “economic-suicide” and forcing people to “fall on the sword”… the buying opportunities will be big.

Who knows when and to what industry exactly.

But those who can survive in the economy and see and capitalize on opportunities around them will come up on top.

For those investors, it’s the ones who AREN’T only one-minded “investors” stuck on the 75% rule and no nothing else but get something in contract and hope that’s a good enough offer for a cash buyer somewhere in a daisy chain.

Instead, it’s the ones who:

* know how to buy with currencies other than cash

* know and understand their market,
* know where their sellers are at,
* Know how to calculate a good offer
* Know how to solve problems for sellers
* and know how to buy the best assets that fit their lifestyle and desired ROI

And my friend Jeremy Resmer currently does that and operates a multi-functional “wholesale” business using multiple different offers, and buying different assets depending on his goals

I quote “Wholesale” because he does far more than just wholesale.

Learn about his business and how he hires a small times, how he finds deals, and how he structures deals:

Building a “Multi-Purpose” Flipping Operation in 4 years- PART ONE

“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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