“Eye-Gouging” your way to wealth

Here’s a marketing and life-enhancing lesson in REI on achieving what you want from my runnings as Kung Fu San Soo black belt fighter.

Back in my wee-early years of my teens into my 20’s, I studied the violent art of San Soo.

One of the core fundamentals was this:

Targeting with precision.

When you strike the face you don’t just “hit the face”.

You hit his nose with your palm (or fist) to break it, or you jab your thumb or 4 fingers into his eye socket to temporarily blind him.

His reaction brings his arms up which opens up an opportunity to strike his last rib with an upwards fist, or leverage his arm to break it or take him down, or strike downwards with the point of my knuckles to damage his bladder.

Point of all this:

Just like in San Soo… where you pick a PRECISE point (aka the bladder, or the last rib, or the eye, or the nose, or the jawline) with a specific strike (fingers, palm, knuckles, thumb)…

In REI you MUST set a precise goal with a specific plan.

Believe me… meandering around not really knowing what you want is as productive as a two-wheel-drive sedan trying to move forward but his tires are fully immersed in mud.

We all want money yes, I know. You’re probably thinking, “Well yeah I want to quit my job”, or “Have more leads come in”, etc.

But I’m talking about these grandiose goals.

I’m talking about specific goals.

Take my friend Andy.

He had a big goal of owning 22 spaces in a SPECIFIC Resident-Owned mobile home park. He achieved it in less time than he gave himself.

When I was flipping land, I had a goal of 5 purchased properties a month in 3 specific locations, with 3 VAs in place (that’s a story for another day)

And with these specific goals… you need a battle plan.

A battle plan is where all the action takes place.; It’s the HOW.

And without it… your specific goal floats in the oblivion ocean of non-productivity.

Your goals are “nice”, and “cute”. But they won’t go anywhere without the DAILY action needed. That’s why I’m not a big fan of setting BIG money goals without a plan; the big Cardone 10x goals like: “I want to make a million dollars this year” – yet you don’t know how to make $20,000 yet.

That’s business goal setting.

But the same “targeting and precision” applies to marketing and sales as well.

I’ve spent countless hours cold calling, door knocking, and mailing TERRIBLE lists.

Knowing where your motivated sellers are and only focusing on them, and crafting your message and your channel specifically for them is SPECIFIC targeting with the precision that I’m talking about.

A lot of this will be taught in my Deal Magnet News membership once it launches, but for now, understand that selling cash offers for equity (this is what you’re selling if you’re a “cash offer” wholesaler) takes a SPECIFIC person to buy your cash offer.

It also takes a SPECIFIC situation.

Being a business for “everyone” gets most startups killed. When I was writing copy for clients, 90% of them all said: “I work with all types of sellers everywhere”.

My reply:

“Well, that means that your ad/letter/page will look like the 90% of investors out there as well. So, there’s nothing I can for you at this point.”

So it is with marketing and goal setting.

And here’s my SPECIFIC and PRECISE pitch:

If you want a specific method to easily grab yourself a NET cash flow of $200-$400 a month with one deal and start building a passive income rather than just chasing deals all the time…

Consider targeting mobile home sellers like I illustrate and teach in my inexpensive eBook: Inner Secrets of Mobile Home Investing, where I show my failures and my successes on how I bought a few mobile homes and turned them into a:

…No-tenant, maintenance-free cash flow.

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“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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