Expert Interview – Chris Saunders: Building Your Buyers List Using Facebook

How to Find Hordes of Cash Buyers For Your Real Estate Wholesale deals…

…. Using Facebook Paid Ads


If you’re curious about using Facebook to enhance your business and attract cash buyers, then you’ll want to tune into this…

Facebook expert Chris Saunders explains how Facebook advertising can be used to effectively reach motivated buyers and sellers. His biggest client is New Western Acquisitions where he regularly finds investors on Facebook to quickly sell their contracts to on a daily basis… and in this interview, he’ll unpack the basics of Facebook advertising for your next campaign and help you increase lead generation within a streamlined budget.

You’ll learn what it takes to start a Facebook ad campaign and grow your buyer’s list for your wholesale deals.

You’ll Also Hear about…

  • What’s the minimum to budget for FB
  • The most important factor to a successful ad campaign: It’s a component that only Facebook has.
  • What “retargeting” is and how you can increase your conversion by 40% using it
  • Why FB works the best for immediate leads
  • The benefits of Facebook advertising versus Google Adwords and SEO
  • How to use the targeting system for ONLY people interested in selling, your direct mail list, and people who’ve visited your website
  • The price points within Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Tips on tracking metrics for digital campaigns
  • How to set up an account
  • Low-cost ways to jumpstart your Facebook advertising campaign
  • The importance of building a target audience
  • Tips for writing effective ad copy
  • How to find buyers for your real estate wholesale deals
  • and much more

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Alright, let’s get started…

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