Expert Interview – Andy Teasley: Mobile Home Investing and Cash Flow

Financial Freedom with “Ugly” Mobile Home Investing

Flip inexpensive mobile homes for Cash Flow

Nobody knows the ins and outs of the mobile home flipping business better than the one and only Wizard of Wobbly Boxes, Andy Teasley. He’s here to give you fresh details, insight, incredible advice and motivation to get you up and earning a firm path toward financial freedom using the unique approaches to mobile home flipping

In this interview, Teasley tells all about not just working with homeowners but handling them and who it takes to meet the perfect sellers. Cultivating the perfect relationships might be easier than you think with bountiful rewards. This is one episode that you can’t afford to miss!

You’ll Also Hear . . .

  • Teasley’s two strategies for mobile home investing
  • How to get sellers to finance your deals
  • “Discover the easy and inexpensive method of ‘Mini-Mobile Home Parks’ – Pass on “No-Management rental income” to your children’s children for generations
  • ”Using a Native American Real Estate technique to create “forever” income”
  • How much money you should have to get started & what Teasley had when he got started
  • Will mobile home investing work in your area? These two factors will determine it
  • What important detail you should look for in a mobile home park when picking a farm area
  • Different ways to find deals
  • Marketing ideas
  • A solid checklist of the mobile home rehab process before selling
  • What kind of positive cash flow you should be looking at
  • … And much more

Settle in but don’t get too comfortable because you’ll want to stay alert for this episode that’s chock full of rock-solid advice from one of the best mentors in the biz! After all, there’s only one Wizard of Wobbly Boxes so tune in and enjoy.

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