Everyone is watching you…

Recently, there was data that linked from China showing that they brainwash prisoners.

There is this entire brainwash system for their “education camp” were they hold Muslims (probably political “enemies),

And, China wonders why no one trusts them

Still today, the oil in the world (and most international commerce) is traded with US dollars… the Chinese want to change that, but… no one trusts them enough…

Big surprise…

And trust, is something that is easily lost and never regained as a real estate investor.

Believe it or not, Americans, internationally, actually play fair compared to their Chinese counterparts. Which is why the world only trusts the almighty dollar when it comes to trading oil and other commerce internationally.

Lesson here: Always play fair with everyone, not just with other investors, but your sellers too because people are watching.

What you observe others do or say with others, is most likely their level of trust you should hold with them

Case in point:

Years ago, I went door knocking with a fellow for months. He had a “trick” or tactic he wanted to do and pushed me to do it.

This tactic disguises yourself as a some sort of bank worker so that you can get through the front door with the seller in foreclosure.

I hated doing it.

So did sellers.

It could it have worked short-term… sure…

But I should have known better… because later down the road, I lend him some money… and it disappeared.

Your level of trust is shown to the world by your actions..

So play fair with everyone, because everyone else is watching you.

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