Driving up in “Cardone” Style

This story reminded me of what I should be doing with this downturn in the economy…

I was at the car wash the other day… and I don’t know if it was the business laptop case I was carrying, or maybe being on the phone for business, but a very successful looking man standing next to me thought my car was the $80k luxury car….

After I was done with the phone call, he asked, “is that your car getting detailed”…

… as he pointed over to the $80k Audi (I don’t know cars very well, but that’s what I figured).

I chuckled and I said, “Nope… far from it. I don’t think I can fit my family of 5 into that. I’m over there…”

… As I pointed to my 2017 used Dodge Caravan Minivan that I paid $16k cash for (I waited for a over month until I found a good deal, and this was a good deal).

I’m not cheap…

I just like bargains…

and I don’t like having debt (to this day I have absolutely 0 debt, and rather people owe me their debt)

I see no sense in spending 50% of my yearly income on something that deprecates and serves no function except to get from A-Z… but if cars are your thing, by all means enjoy life.

(yes I know of the whole Grand Cardone argument, that you should be driving in class so that you can get more sales and clients… so go ahead and test that theory out for me)

Anyway, this got me thinking while I’m celebrating my wife’s birthday today…

… I am extremely grateful for having the same income coming in today during this economic down turn, as I had before all this happened.

And It’ll continue to come as long as I work for this employer.

However…. all fear that’s looming in the air… makes me double down on:

*saving for emergencies (I like to call it a “Screw Them” fund),

*and stocking money away into my “Wealth” Account (the account I use for buying up assets).

I’m hearing more and more experts talk about buying opportunities that will be coming up.

And I hope you and I are ready for it.

But when that does happen, I don’t think it’ll be just a walk-in-a candy-story where bargains are as plentiful as used heroine needles in the gutters of Skid Row.

International investors will be sticking their hands into this as well, and doing it with lots of aggression

So, one good way to by-pass those aggressive investors, and create your OWN “economy” of deals and motivated sellers…

… Is to learn how to create your own list of motivated sellers, cultivate that list, farm an area, and follow up until you make that deal.

And that’s why I’m creating a member-newsletter, with outside-thinking principles to sales and marketing that I applied for high-end investors as a copywriter and in my own flipping/note business.

And with it, comes exclusive interviews solely on finding deals and how active investors are finding deals today.

But until I launch it…

Listen in on some techniques and business strategies with Jeremy Resmer and his “Multi-Functional wholesaling business to finding deals in any kind of economy and creating a business around your goals:

“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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