Doing Impossible by being A-ssisi

Once upon a time…

820 years ago to be exact…

Lived an “investor” name Francis of Assisi.

Now he’s wasn’t a traditional investor in the sense of buying and holding property.

But he did build and rebuild chapels.

And the man is still a lesson today on how to achieve goals; how to achieve “impossible” accomplishments in ones lifetime

Read his bio, and you’ll see a looong laundry-list of things done in his lifetime.

And his most famous quote sums up HOW to get things done, and accomplish the impossible as a real estate investor:

“First you do what’s necessary, Then you do what’s possible, then before you know it, you accomplish what was impossible”.

Translated to REI:

First you have to do the daily routines. The things that HAVE to get done, like visit REI clubs, talk to other investors/agents, educate yourself, fix your finances, etc.

Then you do what’s possible.

Like making offers on homes, talking with sellers, and buying one home; it’s very possible for you to buy one house… then another.

Then before you know it, you own a large portfolio and retired early (the impossible)

Or for the wholesaler building a business:

it’s very possible for you to create a consistent marketing system, then to create SOPs (standard operating procedures), then to plug people into those positions (those are all very possible)…

… until finally, before you know it, you manage a moving systematic operation buying and selling contracts on a consistent basis.

It starts with what’s possible… start there first.

And if buying a house seems Impossible to you right now…

Then start with something that seems POSSIBLE right now. It could be just talking to 1-5 motivated sellers a week, or making X amount of offers a week.

Those things are VERY possible for anyone to do.

The thought of having a monthly passive income stream from notes, while I write an email a day building another business, and having the skill set to go buy more of these assets that can pay the monthly mortgage or rent if I wanted…

… those things (even though they aren’t BIG), can seem impossible. But I started small with the necessary then the “possible”.

And so leads to my very “possible” sales pitch…

If you’re looking to create a passive income stream like I did (albeit small but supports rent or a mortgage), check out a small book I wrote on mobile home flipping.

However, I’m not the go-to expert on these, I’ve done a handful of them and cataloged my adventures in it.

I shared my what I discovered, and knowledge of others, and partners, and friends flipping with me, into a small introductory book on how to get started in mobile home flipping for CASH FLOW.

You can get it here:
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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