“Does XX work in my area?”

My good friend Andy Teasley is having his famous class on mobile home flipping very soon (email him at [email protected] to find out more, he’s not a high-pressure salesman don’t worry).

Came in a question through my website:

“Does Andy’s method work in my location….”

My answer in a kernal-shell is and paraphrased (and more added for emphasis):


Business is never plug-and-play… in my opinion.

I have yet to see someone else’s methodology work EXACTLY as the educator teaches. Most of the time, you take parts of it and apply it to you and your area. A lot of newbies are looking for hand-holding; In essence, they are really looking for “fail-proof” methods

(this isn’t to make fun, It’s reality. I’ve been there. A lot of brand new entrepreneurs are too afraid to try something because of the fear of failing. But “failing” is part of the equation)

Nothing is fail-proof. Even someone’s successful methodology can backfire on you depending on YOU: your skillset, your drive, your personality, and your area.

I’m not saying this to discourage you from taking Andy’s class.

In fact, I’m encouraging you and telling you to stop looking for THE (DE) method that will make you rich. Instead, absorb as much good information you can, implement, try, fail, and adapt to your surroundings.

That’s what being successful is about: moving forward and adapting.

But you can’t adapt without the knowledge and the tools.

Enter my Book “Deal Attractors – Copywriting Secrets for Real Estate Investors to Win Motivated Seller Leads in Crowded Markets”.

The tools and knowledge of writing your OWN persuasive letter/ad/follow-up sequences are in this book so you can move and adapt rather than trying to find someone’s methods to copy.

Like email subscriber and interviewee (and a fellow copywriter) Jeff Bowman who showed me his lead generation letter (multiple pages), he uses to dominate his local market. He admittedly said that he takes techniques that I use and teach to write the letter

Things like:

Candor, negative strip-lining, and bullet writing.

Much more in-depth than your typical “I want to buy your house.”

I’m not saying that a traditional letter/ad/RVM/article/Text doesn’t work… but I will say that if 10 others are sending the same letter/ad/RVM/article/Text, as you… why should they respond to YOU?!

Your success is solely at the hands of luck: your letter/ad/RVM/article/Text… landing at the EXACT time and place when the seller is ready to respond –That’s why big wholesalers/wholetailers can dominate a market: They take advantage of this strategy by carpet bombing the hell out of an area. Relying on luck and money to get as much of their advertising in front of people.

Anyway…. if you want to do better… and stop relying on luck… then I suggest the measly $17 (or $4 for the ebook (I can’t remember how much it is as I don’t’ control what amazon posts)), investment to learn how to write your own advertising…

If you do buy, email me your receipt with the phone number (explained below why) to receive the free bonuses.

Go to: https://www.amazon.com/Deal-Attractors-Copywriting-Investors-Motivated/dp/B08QWXSPC5/

p.s. If you buy the book there are bonuses. Inside there’s mention of a page with these bonuses. The page won’t work for you (tech-ignoramus here). Instead, if you want these bonuses which are delivered via a mobile phone app and include:

– exclusive interviews on writing copy for acquisitions, how to follow up like a pro (without fancy tech), how to work with agents and present 4 different offers)

– templates (for Direct mail, email, and radio scripts)

– and reports on how to increase conversion with your buyer’s list and agents list

Then email me your receipt WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER. I need your phone number to add the app. I don’t keep it for spamming or anything like that. The app company (Learnistic LLC) is a legitimate app company and does nothing with your phone number except texting you ONE time to deliver the app. Once you email me your phone number, I punch it into my app interface, then I delete the email, then you get a text invite for the app.

p.s.s the app is called Deal Magnet News and comes with a whole bunch of free training and interviews that I put together for marketing, REI, finding deals, sales, and business in general.
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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