“Disneyfy” your REI part one

Here’s a story about a very inspirational character:

Walt Disney.

I’m going through his biography and it’s stack-loaded with business advice and wisdom.

But first, I want to shed some light on his life and compare it with yours.

Walt Disney struggled.

He came from a childhood of being beaten by his father and discouraged from drawing, which he loved to do.

Into his adulthood, he opened up a studio with another cartoonist he met. They created cartoon films.

The business was a struggle.

They were always short on money; They were always asking for loans for payroll and new projects.

They were always being swindled by partners. (the business of creating and selling animation at the time relied on having an agreement with a single distributor who would sell the cartoon films for them and distribute them).

These distributors were always finding ways to back-stab Disney, steal his staff, and not pay him.

These were a constant battle for Disney: always fighting with distributors; being back stabbed by them.

His “breakthrough” came when he created Mickey Mouse while on a train from NY to CA.

But it wasn’t all flowers and unicorns.

Very little people bought into it.

And the ones that did, try to swindle him yet again.

It took him years to finally “get it”. And keep pushing with his dream, adding more to this character. Adding collaborative sound music to the films (unheard of at the time). Adding color eventually.

While at the same time always struggling with money; always asking for loans.

Disney really didn’t know what he was doing in the animation business. He had a big goal (create unique and transformative cartoon films that were “real” instead of just another cartoon. He wanted to bring LIFE to his films)…

But running a business he was still learning, failing, and trying.

For you as a real estate investor… you don’t need to have everything prepped.

You don’t need to know every single creative finance tool to start talking with sellers.

You don’t need to be great sales and marketing.

You don’t need to have Podio or any other CRM complete and ready to go.

You just need a big goal and get out there and start messing up, talking to sellers.

Learning what sellers want, what their emotions are, their reasons for selling at a discount, reasons why they should sell to you—is the most powerful thing you can learn in this business.

So get out and start talking with the seller. The more you talk to, the closer you get.

And if you’re worried about a crowded market, too many investors in your market, or “not enough deals”…

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p.s. An interview with an East Coast wholesaler, investor, and rehabber was just added where he spills the beans on what lists he uses, and how he profits off NO EQUITY lists.
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

Paul do Campo

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