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Dear Friend,

    If you want to get the "secret sauce" of how successful REI operators find deals, AND you want a consistent winning-edge over competitors (even over those sending out massive mailing campaigns)… Then please take a moment to read this letter that can help you generate consistent deals in crowded-markets with ease.

   Here's the gist of what this is about...

Paul do Campo

Shows REI operators how to stand out and generate more leads using copywriting & marketing techniques

   I've created a membership newsletter that's interview based, called:

Deal Magnet News   

   In it I answer the most frequently asked question from new and seasoned investors: How do you find deals consistently?

   I answer it a few ways:

  1.  Through the exclusive interviews I do with "In-the-trenches" investors and their "tricks of the trade". 
  2.  Through short audios, courses, and newsletters unraveling the principles of marketing/sales, human psychology, and persuasion... all applied to REI in finding and selling deals. 

   Listen, I know exactly how it feels to be chasing sellers, going door-to-door, making endless cold calls... all while never creating a steady deal-flow. In fact, I'm embarrassed to say it, but my first two years I dropped...

Over $20,000 In Direct Mail with no deal in sight.

   You see, this happened to me between 2016-2017.

   And I would painfully watch $3,000 (on average) every month being sent to the mail-house... 

   Every Saturday morning I would sit in my car in front of the Starbucks making exhaustive follow-up calls. Every Monday I would laboriously door-knock a Pre-Foreclosure list (NOD's). Every Tuesday I would nervously cold-call FSBO's and random people in the yellow pages (actual advice given by a well-known "gooru"). 

   In fact... I hated opening my bank account because all I saw were charges from a combination of all the coaching, marketing tools, CRM, software, and mailings going down the drain month-in and month-out. No matter the tools or the coaching... A deal never came in from that campaign.

   That was then.

   Today is different.

   During that debacle of following the same "hot-air" advice that's just being passed around from "gooru"-to-"gooru" and from forum-to-forum...  I spent a everyday (since then) reading, studying, and practicing to become a better marketer and a better copywriter. 

   The results changed my life.

  Because soon after, I became a copywriter for Investor Carrot where I got a sneak peak into high-volume businesses and their marketing. While there, I implemented what I was learning in Direct Response Copywriting... right into the web pages, emails, and letters of these top-of-the-market wholesalers and flippers.

   I discovered keys to standing out and helping these clients come up with persuasive copy and unique positioning in their messages.

   (for example: a letter I wrote from scratch for a luxury-flipper that generated new deals from agents every month utilizing a unique selling proposition in his business he was unaware of)

   And more importantly...

   I implemented these principles of marketing right into my own REI business...

… That Drove Me To Dominate My Market In Less Than A Year. 

   I did this by shifting gears into mobile home flipping and land flipping and became the top ranking site on Google, getting 5-10 calls a week on Craigslist and Facebook, getting a deal-rate of 8% on mailings, selling land solely through email and text messaging because of the copy in my content and ads.

   Thus ultimately:

   Standing out from the large amount of Land flippers, and mobile home investors... and creating a consistent deal-flow through my marketing. 

   (And, yes, I realize that mobile homes and land are less-crowded than SFR. But, I still had heavy competition to deal with, I had greedy Park Owners, and both these assets are much much harder to sell than single-family houses.)

   I've generated many motivated seller leads, I've worked alongside top-performers improving their copy and strategy, and I've done hours worth of interviews on my podcast and behind-the-scene chats with top-market investors and wholesalers... and with all that I found there are...

   … 3 Common "Secrets" I've Realized When It Comes To Generating Consistent Deals: 

  1. It's all about your list
  2. It's all about knowing how to communicate with them 
  3. It's all about how you serve them with your follow up

   And doing mediocre actions (regurgitating what everyone else is doing), while copying "marketing" strategies that are just same old techniques that motivated sellers have seen 100 times... won't help you stand out and generate consistent response.


   So here's how DEAL MAGNET NEWS will help you...

   I've spent countless hours interviewing real pro's. Not just REI guy/gals.... but also people who are marketing geniuses (I'll explain in a minute why that is soo important for you as an investor in a crowded market).

   Then one day I thought... 

   I've been spending an hour or more with these real down-to-earth individuals that are masters of deal-finding and marketing in their own right... why not further dig deeper into their secrets in finding deals and marketing while I'm here with them? 

    In which I did. 

   I've gotten good in interviewing (don't take my word for it, read the reviews down below) And almost every interview I conduct I get them to spill the beans on how they are finding deals. I record them and cut that part out because some of them are just too valuable to give away for free. 

   I also realized... 

   There's a LACK of direct response marketing principles being taught in the REI circles. These principles have meant night-and-die (in terms of deal flow, lead response, and selling) in not only my mobile home and land business... but clients I've consulted with and wrote copy for. 

   Instead of principles that are rooted in human psychology and the marketing giants of the past have discovered for us... we have Gooru's showing us on Facebook and YouTube the next "new" lead generation app, or CRM, or tool, or templates, or list building tool...

No techniques. No Principles. No foundations.

   Just short-term thinkers jumping from one "ninja-tactic" to the next, always scrambling to find a solution because their copy they stole dropped in response, or their text messaging platform shut them down. 

   The ultimate goal of DEAL MAGNET NEWS is to first show you what "in-the-trenches" investors are doing for deal-finding themselves...

   Then I show you "outside-thinking" principles of marketing and sales that hardly anyone in REI circles teaches.

   The result is:

   Help you stand out among the hordes of competitors and create your own unique lists, campaigns, and messages that grab attention far better than anyone else, and close more deals. Thus, knowing how to create recurring deal generation machines to take anywhere and anytime.

   I'll show you how this works in several ways:

1. First: I bring you focused, exclusive interviews with:

  • Real Operators revealing what works for deal-finding today
  • and (more importantly) Marketers outside of REI, showing you techniques you can apply today that's not taught anywhere else inside our REI industry. 

   Knowing what others are doing right now is important to stay on top of the market. With these interviews you'll be like a fly-on-the-wall where I guide the interview specifically about his/her secrets of Deal-Generation.

   In one of them... you'll discover a 10-year Atlanta wholesaler guiding you through his typical door knocking routine and what he does and says to nab deals other wholesalers are over-looking.

   But here's the thing...

… Listening Only To REI Operators Is NOT Enough... 

   If you want to stand above the crowd, like a giant, then doing what's NOT known in REI is key. The $25,000 a DAY marketing giant, Jay Abraham said:

"Exponential growth happens when you take common, everyday practices from a different industry, that are unusual in your industry, and apply them".

  For example, you'll get to listen in on the marketing whiz Brian Kurtz who ran a multi-million dollar mail-order newsletter called "Bottom-line Inc" and how to apply marketing and networking strategies to gain more rapport, find money when you can't, and leave REI meet-ups more known and influential than anyone else in that room.

   You'll also listen to Chad Colin's Text Marketing Guru give us a break-down of how to increase your response (legally) with text marketing blasts. (Not your typical Gooru-Facebook-forum blast technique. It's actually legal and complaint unlike what's being done today, and will generate 95% open rates and double digit responses.)

   These are just some examples of what you'll find today, and what to expect later: unique "outside the REI Industry" Marketing Techniques, and how to apply them to stand out and gain massive response over others. 

Brian Kurtz - The most well-known Marketing Whiz since the 80's shows how to stand out in any industry

2. Second: You get Digital Newsletters - Revealing Marketing and Copywriting techniques to deal-finding

 These are real, everyday tactics that I and other copywriters and salesmen use, APPLIED to real estate investing.

   Like in the second issue... it's devoted to a marketing principle (rarely taught in REI) called "Making the Skeleton Dance". 

   And in it, I show you how to:

   ... avoid appointments with retail sellers that are "price shopping" for the best-offer, WHILE still leaving the phone call on a good note to capitalize later if the seller turns motivated (all done on the first phone call). 

   Or in the third issue: where I show you the most common words and phrases that actually kill deals and kill response - and what to use instead to boost Rapport (right in your letter/ad), and boost response. 

   That's only two of many marketing and copywriting principles found in the newsletters. 

3. Third: You'll get free Bonus courses on:

  • How to dominate and farm an area,
  • 40 different ways to find deals and how to apply it
  • How to Pull Hot Lists For Free
  • And much more to be irregularly added in the future

   These video/audio courses I designed specifically for creating your own lists, and dominating a farm area. 

4. Fourth: Video/audios of Marketing & copywriting techniques applied to REI called "News Room"


  I take unique topics as well as the topics of the DEAL MAGNET Newsletters... and elaborate on them even further. 

   Things like:

   ... Making "small sales for big wins", "Making your negatives dance", and "Avoiding the most interest-killing words in advertising", to add even more examples and ideas for you to easily include in your day-to-day marketing and sales. These are stand-out techniques I've used, other REI operators have used, and used by Marketing Giants outside REI.  

   Some of the topics I elaborate on are: 

  • A formula to answer objections in your ad/letter/follow-up and even presentation before it's even brought up.
  • How to attempt Early "Closes", so you can cut to the chase and get a contract signed
  • How to turn negative reviews to your benefit
  • A "goal-setting" method to getting to the closing-table worry-free, faster, and smoother than your competition
  • A formula for getting rid of anxiousness and neediness in a presentation and in life

5. Fifth: Exclusive discounts on products and books I publish

   There are many books, and audios in the pipeline that are meant to answer and solve real problems in REI, either by me creating them, finding other experts, or finding them elsewhere...

   You will always have first dibs on it and exclusive discounts. 

6. Lastly: Exclusive access to me.

   I'll answer your questions that I'm qualified to answer or I'll find an answer for you (Within reason and limitations. This is not meant to be "Pen Pals" or give unlimited free coaching). Since opening this, I have limited my time to people.

   However, DEAL MAGNET subscribers are the apple-of-my-eye and they'll get more attention from me than I give others. You'll get the same treatment (over email) that I gave clients who've spent $2,000 with Carrot to configure their marketing and website. 

Here are some lessons you can take home today:

  • A direct mail plan from a 10-year wholesaler in a competitive area. When and how to send, and how to follow up - Found in "Interviews" 
  • In a world of skepticism... How to earn impeccable trust and credibility from almost any motivated seller using tried-and-true copywriting techniques that I use in almost every ad and letter in REI - It resulted in less resistance, more friendly trust, and less work to close - In "Newsletters"
  • When to close and when it's a bad idea - trying to close early can result in your offer being rejected. Here’s what you should do and how. Techniques from a master salesmen selling millions of dollars worth of products in the mail - Found in "Newsletters"
  • Is sending a 10-page direct mail piece feasible? Discover how 10-year investor and wholesaler follow ups with sellers in an Exclusive Interview
  • Use these 3 rapport-building phone techniques (found in the "Newsletters") to avoid tire-kickers in the beginning but gain an almost 100% close rate once they do turn motivated by winning them over early-on
  • How to profit off "Full-Price" sellers... not just with referrals, but here are templated scripts you can use to gain a possible deal in the near future once the "retail" seller DOES become motivated... even professional investors and landlords have motivational situations. At first, they may seem like a retail seller, but you can use these words to avoid wasting time BUT gain instant trust from them to close the deal later - In Issue #2
  • How to free up time and train an inexpensive VA, and start scaling one VA at a time - tips from a 10-year Metro-area wholesaler - In "Interviews"
  • How to get free access to Title Company Sites that give you property profiles and lists building free and easily. In "Courses"
  • Stubborn sellers won’t sign? - Lessons of closing stubborn people discovered from “selling” to a 2-year old 
  • Avoid "anxious" selling and get to the closing table faster, smoothly, and worry-free... Selling techniques from an ancient Chinese Kung Fu Style
  • You're most likely losing response AND deals if you're using these words in your marketing and appointments, these wrong words can make you look like a flake buyer. Avoid these dangerous and overused words at all costs.
  • When and how to reveal your price while earning the utmost respect - How NOT being upfront about your offer can destroy your deal - In "Newsletters"
  • Advanced (but simple) Follow up techniques from a "Hall of Fame" Speaker and one of the most influential men in the world - simple and overlooked but they go astronomically above and beyond what most others do.
  • How to Own a local area. A detailed guide on how to farm and "brand" yourself in your backyard with simple step-by-step guides - Not a "ninja-trick", consistent techniques that bring consistent deal-flow
  • An over-looked source of money and deals - it's what most people see as "competition" but are really "collaborators" - in "Courses"
  • What to say to sellers when you want a seller financed deal that's almost un-debatable … tips taken from the "Foreclosure King" of Southern CA in "Stephen Interview"

"I get more value from your newsletter and interviews than from REI clubs...  On a scale from 1-10 on how useful it was for me, I give it a 10."

- Miguel Martinez


Mobile Home Investor

Public Notary

"Paul doCampo is the clearly lay out what real estate investors must know about marketing to consistently end up in the winner's

- Ken McCarthy

Titled by TIME Magazine: The Father of Internet Marketing

"I've worked with many copywriters over the years, and for Paul, I can say without a doubt he's on the top list—

- Craig Simpson

Co-Author of "Direct Mail Solutions" with Dan Kennedy

"I love it [DM newsletter]! I thought it was real helpful. I knock on someone's door and have a much better option and put the seller in a much better situation than... [competitors name left out]"

- David Montano


Real Estate Broker

   Let me pause here a moment to tell you what the entire purpose of DEAL MAGNET is about. The whole idea of this banks on little marketing secrets of big-time operators. They're marketing secrets that can help you know (with some effort, testing, and tweaking) …

 exactly how many deals you'll get with your campaigns.

   Wondering IF you'll get a deal will be out of the question. 

   I know this sounds like a unicorn (everyone's mileage will vary, and can take a while depending on your market), but, I saw it first hand with my mailers.

Here are real life examples: 

   … I knew with 500 mailers I was buying at least one land deal (usually 2-3 depending if I wanted that much inventory in one setting or if I had the available funds).

   … My good friend and top wholesaler in So Cal, Tommy of knows (after tweaking a list, and tweaking the letter) that he has to juggle 30-40 leads at a time to keep flow of deals.

   … Andy Teasley, prominent SoCal Investor, teacher, and mobile home flipper, knows that he just needs one day of door knocking and he would have a deal, or one mailing of his special "lumpy mail" (more on this in the DM NEWS ROOM). 


   That "know-how" (also called KPI's) is what I want you to achieve!

   All of the knowledge and skills found inside build up on each other so that you can perform just like our above examples. You'll perform like top-operators by:

  1. Knowing how to build lists so that every person has potential to be a hot lead
  2. "Layer" your marketing to reach your list with full impact.
  3. Write persuasive, and unique, messages that grab attention and bring dead response rates to life.
  4. Follow-up using attention-grabbing, rapport-building content, (not the same usual boring templates that everyone else is using)… and do it without tire-some and pocket-draining efforts.
  5. How to close effectively (from master-closers) without being needy.

  Here's more of what you'll learn inside:

  • Find Almost All The Motivated Sellers In Your Area Before It Hits Everyone's List - How To Find And Navigate A Free, Untapped, Government Index That's A Gold Mine For Data - Found In The "Courses" Section
  • A source of highly qualified motivated sellers that few people rub shoulders with- If you can start one relationship with him/her (and it's not a realtor), it'll be a consistent flow of leads as long as they are in business - Found in Stephen Interview and "Backyard..." Course.  
  • 4 dealing-killing mistakes that most investors make in a sales presentation and how to reverse it for instant rapport - Newsletter Issue #2
  • 20-year veteran real estate investor reveals his complete method of starting from scratch and what he would do today to find deals - Found in the "Exclusive Interviews" section
  • How to out-negotiate professionals and other investors - Issue #2
  • How to get exclusively called by motivated sellers in Craigslist or any other crowded marketing channel - Lessons from the worlds best salesman since the 1920's - Found in "News Room" Section
  • How to create hot lists using "list stacking" - The "secret" to top investors, like Mike Hambright of Flip Nerd blog and "We Buy Ugly Houses" Franchisee uses... to building hot lead lists. And how to do it yourself for free - In the "Courses" section.
  • Why you're missing out on 80% of the deals by ONLY doing "cold-marketing" to a cold list -  in "Backyard..." Course
  • What a sales presentation is actually for (it's not what you think) and having this one mentality about it can clear up any confusion and get right to the bottom of the problems your sellers have - Found in Issue #2
  • How to farm mobile home parks for deals
  • How to exponentially improve your lead generation system - Marketing lessons from the most expensive and sought after Marketing Consultant on the planet (a consultant for "Shark-Tank" hosts) and how you can use his $25,000 advice (his fee) on your own REI business.
  •  How to find "money" in your own backyard - What best selling-author and investor since the 1970's shows us - in "Backyard..." Course
  • How to own 10%-40% of the deals in an area - It's hard work and takes time, but can be worth it when you're the "go-to" and own a good slice of your market - Techniques taken from the local businesses who never die, but prosper, during recessions - In "Backyard..." Course

" I appreciate you working with us this past year or so... and how much we've valued your work. "

- Trevor Mauch

Founder and owner of the most popular and effective Marketing SaaS company for REI: Investor Carrot.

"Paul has an affinity for thinking outside the box... it was a pleasure to work with him"

- Janel Stewart

Client Services at

Investor Carrot

"Paul impressed me as soon as I met him. He has a natural curiosity & savvy instinct for understanding how to get a strategic edge in real estate marketing."

- Ellis San Jose

Co-Founder of FIBI
(For Investors By Investors)

"your angle as a copywriter in the rei space is a unique one. Definitely not one that i’ve encountered. "

- William Salas


Active and successful Florida Wholesaler

"Your Writing and interviews are great, keep it up!"

- Micheal Senoff


One of the worlds first podcasters

  And that's just a sliver of what you'll learn today. 

  Over the course of the months and years, as long as you're a member, more interviews, newsletters, and audios/videos will continuously come out, stacking your knowledge of direct response marketing and sales to come out far ahead of the competition who are only relying on some new shiny-tactic or app they just heard about on a Facebook forum; never thinking for themselves.

   Although, applying any one of the techniques in DEAL MAGNET NEWS can result in an immediate results... the principle behind the membership is for long-term thinkers; those that are stacking the knowledge and improving themselves every month, and going back to the information to learn something new (yes, listening to "old" information over and over again brings out new ideas you never thought of before).


   While everyone else is running around with the same list of motivated sellers, the same marketing templates and messages, and saying the same thing...

   … you're creating your own unique listsmarketing with different angles,  saying unique messages and finding deals like the pros in these interviews... to not just lure the motivated seller to you before anyone, but also close them faster, easier, and more effectively...

… Before They Even Consider Your Competition!


   That's what this entire membership is designed to solve for you... 

    … To help you stop chasing sellers, and start making real progress with effective time-proven skills and techniques of direct response marketing... when you're Tired Of Using The SAME "Marketing" Techniques As Everyone Else, And You Don't See Any Progression

To recap: Here's what you'll get 

  1. Exclusive (top-of-the-market) Interviews with active deal-finders and genius marketing wizards... 
  2. Newsletters jammed with immediate applicable REI marketing and copywriting lessons 
  3. Videos and audios elaborating on Direct Response Principles in REI to STAND-OVER your competition and increase response and deals
  4. Courses guiding you on list building, sales, marketing, and copywriting
  5. Constant (but irregular) additions to your membership.
  6. Exclusive access to me
  7. Exclusive Discounts on products
  8. Bonus trainings delivered to your inbox sporadically 
  9. Everything delivered through the Deal Magnet News Mobile App

All information is delivered via the Mobile App called DEAL MAGNET NEW. If you don't have this app, and want to try out this subscription for free, email me at [email protected] 

Frequently asked Questions

Is there a trial-period?

No, there is no trial-period. Your free "trial" of what you get are the free trainings, interviews, and newsletters found inside the free DEAL MAGNET NEWS APP, that you can download here if you don't have it yet. NOTE: If you already have the mobile app, study the free content inside the "Deal Magnet Membership" tab to decide if this is for you.

Will the techniques and methodologies work for brand new investors and wholesalers?

Yes, however, this isn't a "getting started in real estate or wholesaling" course. It's designed for those who already understand how to analyze a deal and how to buy a deal. These are marketing and copywriting principles to enhance one's REI business. 

Will the price go up?

As long as you're a DEAL MAGNET Subscriber, you are locked in at whatever price you purchased at, forever, as long as you stay a subscriber; It will never increase on you as long you stay in (as of today, there might be plans to increase the price $5-$10 as I add more content). So be aware, that if you cancel and try to come back, you won't have the original price you initially subscribed with. 

What is your refund policy? 

Since all the content inside is delivered digitally, there are no refunds. However, you can cancel anytime, just email me at [email protected]

How long do I get access to content?

For as long as you're a paid subscriber, you can access all the available content in the DEAL MAGNET site. If you ask to cancel your membership, your cancellation (and loss of access) is effective immediately, regardless of where you are in the billing cycle.

Will there be new content every month?

Since this is a membership and not a print newsletter, I promise irregular content delivered. That means there's no promise of a newsletter on a certain date or an interview delivered on a certain day, or even a newsletter or interview delivered every month. For example: One month I MIGHT deliver 1 newsletter with 2 videos with 1 interview, while the next month might not have any new content or 1 interview; It'll be random based off what I feel should be taught that month. 

If I join today, what will I get?

If you join today, you'll get almost instant access to the site as well as the locked content inside the Deal Magnet News App. Then, you'll get access to all the training, interviews and newsletters available. Plus any new updates and additions every month that we publish. 

Is it digital content?

The content in the DEAL MAGNET NEWS site AND mobile app, is all digital. Although, I may from time to time send you something special in the mail. 

All information is delivered via the Mobile App called DEAL MAGNET NEW. If you don't have this app, and want to try out this subscription for free, go to 

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