Dead at 33

Cancer in the 20’s, and dies at 33.

That’s the ending story of a real estate guru I didn’t really know about until recently, named Stefan Aario.

It seems that he built a very successful empire with real estate and then a successful coaching program after that…. all before hitting 33.

Now, before you get depressed on me, and I know this sounds like a doom and gloom story… but I want to press something serious into your minds.

It’s why I, and many others, wake up every week-day morning, hours before the rooster crows to get work done… why they sacrifice some time away from family… often.

What I’m talking about is always having a sense of urgency.

Because you just don’t know what on God’s brown and green Earth is going to happen tomorrow.

Build what you want to right now as if you don’t have much time… because you don’t.

A sense of urgency is what I witness in a lot of successful people. The urge to complete what they started, and NOT wait until tomorrow, “I’ll do it tomorrow” is what most people say.

But all these little task that you hold off on, add up. I’ve never read the book “Compound Effect” but the summary sounds like it’s relying that all the little things add up. If you let that hour pass each day, where instead of Facebook, or chatting away with co-workers, you can be reading, making a follow up call, analyzing, networking to grow money-relationships, writing a follow up campaign, etc… then all that “little” one hour, turns into 356 hours for the year.

It’s what a lot of the great copywriters I study say, like the late great Eugene Schwartz and Gary Halbert… “to be great at what you do, you’re not born with, you just have to OUTWORK the others.”

And those 356 hours a year can be your key to building your business better and faster than others… who would rather just turn on Netflix that day and binge.

Anyway, that’s my “Fun” Friday tid-bit that I hope brought you down enough to bring you back up. Because I know, If I sometimes have the problem of being lazy and not getting to work WITH URGENCY, then I know a lot of you have it too.

But… and the same time… have some balance. Share your busy time with your family. Enjoy your kids (or pets, or parents, or hobbies), while you can. They’re the whole reason why you’re doing this. So, treat them well and have fun with them with “urgency”.

If you have 45 minutes to spare, and listen to audio in your car or walk…

…. then tune into a podcast I was on a few months ago with my friend Trevor Mauch of Investor Carrot.

I blabbered about working while investing, why shifted different REI strategies, some copy and content tips, and more.

Check it out here:
“Keep moving forward in your REI venture”

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