Caught with your pants down

Here’s a lesson to teaching yourself just about anything…

Our youngest son Johnny is 2 (almost 3).

And yesterday, I just caught him outside with his shorts and boxers down just below his rear-end, running around like a crazy-man laughing his head off because he thinks it’s hilarious that he’s exposed.

(this is a daily life at the doCampo house with 4 kids)

Anyway what’s that got to do with anything…?

Let me tell you…

When it comes to raising our kids we try and keep with a teaching-philosophy that we don’t go and rush to their help when they need it.

We try and get them to learn to do it on their own.

They struggle, they ask for help, but they eventually get.

The point of it is, so that they don’t doom themselves into a perpetual habit of relying on other people.

Being raised with a grandma (God bless her kind heart and may she rest in peace), she was a loving woman how rushed to her grandkids needs and did just about everything for them…

That (in my opinion), is no good for being a “self-made” man.

Well… I see a similar phenomenon in bizz-opp (business opportunity) and real estate investing.

A lot people want hand-holding.

They want complete guidance and they don’t want to pay for it… they don’t want to pay for it with their time or money.

Even worse, when they do get complete coaching…. they hardly implement it.

Coaching in REI is good.

But, it’s also not ALWAYS needed.

Most of what you learn well be from jumping feet first into the deep-end.

That’s where a lot of your learning is going to take place.

I’ve interviewed a lot of players in this business so far (and I have a blast with it)…. and that’s a universal truth I see with all of them… they TRY and IMPLEMENT and FAIL on their own.

They don’t have too much hand-holding.

Yes, SOME might have a coach to get started … but they end up doing things their own way eventually.

On top of that… just like my 2-year old Johnny who’s running around outside with his bottom out… A lot of these names don’t care what others think…

So…. be OK with falling flat on your face or being “exposed” to the world.

You’re a real estate investor, that’s your occupation… so go out there and try, and fail, and try some more, and adjust, and make it happen.

Speaking of being exposed…

If you’re out in the world talking to sellers…

And they Google your name…

what will they find?

Will they find nothing?

Or a website showing your face, and showing a WORKING business that you buy and sell home?

If you’re in the former, and want credibility and the ability for sellers to google your name and find you to increase your chances of a deal (most sellers are searching online)…

Then it’s time to have a ready-for-you website built just for real estate investors.

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