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Secrets of Virtual Wholesaling – With Wholesaling Inc. Coach Chris Arnold

Most people get into real estate investing with a dream of living in the Bahamas, adventuring in the jungle, all while having the cash flow come in… Well, today on Deal’s Today Podcast, I interviewed Chris Arnold, a serial entrepreneur of REI Radio, and coach at Wholesale Inc. He’s done exactly that. With all the years of hard work putting together systems and teams, he’s built himself businesses that he can manage from anywhere and that fits the lifestyle he enjoys. So, in this interview we’ll go over methods to methods to hiring and managing, how to find deals in today’s market, and how he’s coping with COVID-19.

Flipping | Interview | Marketing | Wholesaling

Building a “Multi-Purpose” Flipping Operation in 4 years- PART ONE

Today you’ll listen to a full time and active investor Jeremy Resmer. He took full dive into real estate investing 4 years ago and he’s only gone up from there. Flipping land, rehabbing and wholesaling single Family residence, and buying up cash flow properties, Jeremy and I chat about many aspects of his business including how to hire team members, where he gets his deals, and buying on terms. Listen in on part one here.

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Quotes from the Show:
“I try to match the strengths of the individual to the position that we’re looking to fill.”

“Sometimes it takes us eight times, ten times, to actually get a deal.”

“We go in with at least two offers, every single time.”

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Flipping Houses and Closing Deals as a Story Teller

Jim Keller has been a “behind-the-scenes” investor flipping well over 10 houses at the same time, in Southern California. Listen in on his details of how he negotiates, tells stories, and finds his deals that every new and experience investor should tune into.

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Multiple ways to close a deal with Atlanta real estate investor Jeff Bowman

Download PDF transcripts here Wholesaling and Deal-Finding Series Are you struggling to close deals? Are you having difficulty keeping up in a competitive market and staying ahead of the competition? If so, then today’s interview is one that you should definitely tune into. Because, in today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Jeff Bowman, an Atlanta…