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How to Buy Mortgage Notes with FIBI Co-Founder Ellis San Jose

From rehabbing, rentals, buying mortgage notes and being the “go-to” guy to solve complicated title problems that no one else can figure out… We go through the story of FIBI co-founder, Ellis San Jose, from beginning-to-now and what he has planned for the future. He’ll go over some example deals he’s done where it’s a…

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Secrets of Virtual Wholesaling – With Wholesaling Inc. Coach Chris Arnold

Most people get into real estate investing with a dream of living in the Bahamas, adventuring in the jungle, all while having the cash flow come in… Well, today on Deal’s Today Podcast, I interviewed Chris Arnold, a serial entrepreneur of REI Radio, and coach at Wholesale Inc. He’s done exactly that. With all the years of hard work putting together systems and teams, he’s built himself businesses that he can manage from anywhere and that fits the lifestyle he enjoys. So, in this interview we’ll go over methods to methods to hiring and managing, how to find deals in today’s market, and how he’s coping with COVID-19.

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How to Start Investing in Real Estate – Interview with New Success, Omar Lopez

Interview with Omar Lopez a newer investor out hustling, getting started with real estate investing and making deals happen. Discover his secrets to quick success in mobile home investing and creative finance.

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Flipping Houses and Closing Deals as a Story Teller

Jim Keller has been a “behind-the-scenes” investor flipping well over 10 houses at the same time, in Southern California. Listen in on his details of how he negotiates, tells stories, and finds his deals that every new and experience investor should tune into.

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Insider Tips to Landlording and Property Management with Matt Tandy   Learn how to become a landlord – Start a Property Management Company – And Choosing the right Property Manager   Today’s interview is with Matt Tandy, CEO of Formatic, Property Management, Inc. Eager to be involved with real estate investment himself, Tandy purchased his…

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How to Make $1,000 of Passive Income Monthly… Using Land Flipping

Land Flipping…. for Easy Cash Flow So…You want some cash flow? You want to get started in real estate investing? You lack hundreds of thousands of dollars (or even tens of thousands) to buy your first investment? … And…  your market is full of overpriced houses and flooded with investors? Then, here’s one low-barrier niche…

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3 Low-Barrier Strategies To Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

If you’re asking, “How Should I Get Started in Real Estate Investing”, and you still don’t know what strategy to use…  … Then you might want to tune into this article, where I’ll explain 3 different strategies in real estate investing that are easier to get started in (and have success), than high-barrier strategies like…

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Networking…. the most important skill for success

Sorry, Real Estate Marketers… But Networking And Relationship-Building Are Much More Important For Success…   Why you need to become very good at building relationships     Many introverts in real estate investing, dread getting out and talking to people. I get it because I’m an introvert as well; most people are. But, business and…