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2000 Cash Flowing Houses Bought – No Maintenance No Tenants With Mitch Stephen of

We’re talking with Mitch Stephen of who’s built a thriving business that revolves around selling homes for cash flow with no tenant problems. It’s the art of selling with owner finance and he’s mastered getting private money, finding and selling homes in San Antonio Texas on a Promissory note. In this episode we’ll go over: –…

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No running water to Flipping houses in Las Vegas and across the country – Lathe Lavada

Lathe Lavada came out with a new book where he explains not only his life story, but the step by step guide to running a wholesaling and flipping business. He doesn’t hold a huge team, but actually leverages agents as much as he can on his acquisition side of the business.  In this interview, discover…

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Serial Entrepreneur, Professional Marketer, And Investor: Sonny Tran

   Currently, we’re on the verge of some big moves in the housing market thanks to the uncertainty of any economic recovery that’s on the table. We don’t know exactly how it’s going to go forward but many expect good real-estate deals from motivated sellers. We’re going to look at real-estate investing during interesting times.    Today,…

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How To Invest In Real Estate Out-Of-State, With Sensei Gilliland

Serial entrepreneur, and out-of-state real estate investor, Sensei Gilliland attacked his real estate venture the same way he’s approached everything in life: with discipline. Upon launching a successful martial arts business, Sensei realized he could utilize off-hours to earn additional income. Once he grasped the power that real estate has over everything business-related, Sensei dove-in head first.

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Scaling a REI business and finding deals with the right lists – Interview with Flip Nerd Mike Hambright

Scaling a REI business and finding deals with the right lists – Interview with Flip Nerd Mike Hambright
Stuck moving forward and always looking for the next deal? A chat with Flips Nerd Mike Hambright reveals how an experienced investor can start scaling toward financial freedom. Mike started REI with no job to support his family so he had to make it happen. So in a short period of time, he’s flipped over 400 properties and held over 800 in his rental portfolio. Because of his background in corporate America, he’s mastered building systems and placing the right people into place.
In the interview, you’ll hear:
The most common characteristics of successful investors
How to build a highly responsive list’
his story of how he got started and how he was forced to make REI work for him with no job to back him and his family up
How to transition from a one-man-show to a small team.
The first person you should start hiring and how
How to shift when markets change
How to lower the costs of marketing – using the right data and lists
How much volume you need to start hiring
Predictions for REI in the next upcoming months
And much more

You learn more about Mike at

Paul doCampo (909)614-9473

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Secrets of Virtual Wholesaling – With Wholesaling Inc. Coach Chris Arnold

Most people get into real estate investing with a dream of living in the Bahamas, adventuring in the jungle, all while having the cash flow come in… Well, today on Deal’s Today Podcast, I interviewed Chris Arnold, a serial entrepreneur of REI Radio, and coach at Wholesale Inc. He’s done exactly that. With all the years of hard work putting together systems and teams, he’s built himself businesses that he can manage from anywhere and that fits the lifestyle he enjoys. So, in this interview we’ll go over methods to methods to hiring and managing, how to find deals in today’s market, and how he’s coping with COVID-19.

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Flipping houses without ever talking to sellers – how to deal with agents and get most of your deals from them

Todd Bayer is the host of one of the biggest REI clubs in Southern California, and runs a hard money lending company, a flipping operation, and now a tiny home manufactured. He’s the “money guy” and serial entrepreneur who’s going to reveal in today’s show, how he’s bought hundreds of properties on the MLS and from other agents. For more audios and articles on finding deals, and expert knowledge of real estate investing, go to

-Why “Faking it until you make it” doesn’t work – Tips and tactics to how to TRUTHFULLY and PROFITABLY deal with agents
-If you have a good deal… the one place where you’re almost guaranteed to find private money to fund it
-You can be an investor that goes direct to sellers, or one that never talks to sellers…. Find out how Todd has bought hundreds of properties and has only spoken to 2 sellers directly
-How to add $500 of cash flow a month to your rental.
-What do to on the MLS, every day, to get yourself a deal (even in one day)
-Whether or not you should continue to buy investments – contrarian advice from all the hype
-His story on his first deal.
-Easy tips to get attention for your MLS offers
-Why Earnest Money Deposits can be dangerous for some